The substrate that enables it all – innovation, co-creation, integration and rapid development

Accelerated development
for rapid GTM

Innovate – Co-create – Test – Improve – Deploy

Industry best practices such as Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery (CI/CD), automation testing, dockerization have become staples in the SaaS space.

At Perx, we take innovation and delivery up a few notches, where not just our tools, but our teams and processes are set up for rapid development. We pride ourselves in solving problems for our partners and customers by co-innovate in a matter of weeks.

We follow extreme development practices which allow us to continuously release quality software with confidence where our software is upgraded multiple times a day seamlessly.

Data privacy & security,
every step of the way

Unmatched SecOps right out-of-the-box
Technology under the Hood

The Perx customer engagement and loyalty platform that powers some of the biggest B2C brands in financial services, retail and telecommunications has been awarded ISO/IEC27001:2013 and ISO 27018:2019 certification for information security and privacy.

The globally recognized dual ISO certification demonstrate our commitment to providing our clients with the highest level of security and privacy including protecting our clients’ data from security breaches, cyber-attacks, and other threats. Learn more.

Giving back to the global
developer community

Solving enterprise technology problems through contribution and
collaboration with the open source ecosystem

Our contribution to the open-source community has been successfully adopted across leading enterprises and the developer community globally.

As true technologists contributing to the greater good, Perx engineers play a key role in the innovation and management of bespoke open source projects.

The Perx developer team champion and maintain ‘Apartment on Rails’ – the multi-tenancy library widely used by enterprise giants in the healthcare, digital farming, and real estate industries.

Explore our Database multi-tenancy for Rack (and Rails) applications on Github.

Technology under the Hood

Limitless scalability

Dynamic horizontal and vertical scaling offers unmatched platform agility and performance
Technology under the Hood

Our underlying infrastructure is built to suit the dynamic needs of global enterprises and high-growth digital natives.

Scale-up and out when managing end-users in the millions, anywhere, anytime and hassle-free.

Perx platform has an uptime of 99.8%, supporting sudden utilization surges demanding 2000 requests per second or more.

Robust API library that powers the connected customer ecosystem

A collection of purpose-built APIs for real-world use cases, across industries

The Perx API library makes any integration a breeze. This enables our platform to integrate with not just the entire MarTech stack of our clients, but also with business and operational systems.

The flexibility offered by our robust API library eliminates latency and enables real-time integrations with customer-facing systems, such as merchant app, POS, or CRM.

Technology under the Hood

Learn how we collaborate with AWS to deliver unparalleled infrastructure and performance support to power dynamic experiences at scale

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