Rewards & Merchants Management

Instantly gratify your customers with unique rewards that suit their lifestyle preferences

Loyalty and Engagement Reinvented.

The right reward
for the right action

With capabilities such as gifting between users; periodic demand surges; rewards wallet; catalogs; reward grouping, you can redefine engagement to suit your needs and business goals

  • Level up your campaigns by rewarding customers with third party lifestyle rewards, loyalty points, or game tries
  • Drive reward redemptions using advanced features such as reward grouping, tier-based catalogs, social gifting, and surge based pricing
  • Use bespoke redemption mechanics to seamlessly bridge digital rewards and physical redemptions at the store
The right reward for the right action

Manage rewards inventory
in real-time

Stay on top of your rewards inventory by tracking & managing usage patterns, redemption rates, and refills to better optimize merchant and reward performance
Manage rewards inventory in real-time
  • Be notified when reward inventory levels on active campaigns are running low
  • Reward customers with more than just one reward for high-value customer milestones or actions completed
  • Ensure optimal inventory with minimal coordination and dependencies

A next-gen merchant app that waves ‘goodbye’ to POS integration

Real-time in-store or online customer transactions & redemption data
made possible with ZERO integration
  • Effortlessly start collecting real-time member transaction and rewards redemption data, without the need for integrations with any point-of-sale system
  • Deeply understand your customers’ online-to-offline behavior by analyzing last-mile engagement as it unfolds
  • Secure your data with unique login credentials and role-based accessibility
A next-gen merchant app that waves ‘goodbye’ to POS integration

Robust merchant management

A convenient one-stop-shop to effortlessly onboard and manage your reward merchants
Robust merchant management
  • Manage merchant rewards and inventory through cross-channel redemption
  • Manage merchants by location or by number of outlets
  • Standard reports for reconciliation with merchants
  • Merchant self-serve portal to minimize merchant onboarding time
  • Real-time reward performance analytics allows merchants to optimize reward offerings

Flexible redemption mechanics

Flexibly cater to your customers’ behavior with multiple redemption mechanics – merchant pin, QR code, alphanumeric code, bar code
  • Digitize physical rewards inventory in a single click through bulk rewards upload
  • Seamlessly integrate online incentive-led campaigns with offline redemption mechanics at the store
Flexible redemption mechanics

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