The Shift Leadership Framework

How to adapt and reinvent amidst a constantly changing tech landscape?

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11 JULY 2017 • TEDXx Talks

The Forgotten Customer: A ticking time bomb | Anna Gong | TEDxSUTD

9 MAY 2017 • Innovfest unbound 2017

Think Like a Startup: How Modern Business Will Succeed
Long Live Loyalty

How Intelligent Mobile Engagements have more durably lifted Customer Loyalty in the Digital Era?

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14 MAY 2018 • Scale-Up Asia Conference 2018

Building Strong Culture and Winning Teams

28 MAR 2018 • Service Panel

Everything As a Service – Business in the new age of disruption
Personalize or Perish

Understand how A.I. redefines customer Loyalty and boosts Revenue through personalization.

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