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How empowering your brand can power customer behaviour in the experience economy

3 NOV 2021 • Information Age

How empowering your brand can power customer behaviour in the experience economy

Anna Gong, CEO and Founder of Perx Technologies, explores how empowering your brand can power customer behaviour in the experience economy

2 SEP 2021 • SaaStock APAC

Finding Product-Market-Fit: The SMB & Enterprise Lens

Managing digital native brands is significantly easier than managing traditional enterprises. However, traditional enterprises play a critical role in product roadmap development. Anna Gong, CEO, Perx Technologies, discusses the importance of balancing products for different ICPs on SaaStock — an essential masterclass for SaaS entrepreneurs and executives.

20 AUG 2021 • General Assembly

Made in Singapore: Homegrown StartUps Going Global

Our CEO, Anna Gong along with other panelists discusses on what it takes to get a startup up and running in Singapore, some of the resources available for founders, how to predict and overcome challenges in various aspects of the startup journey and when is it time to go global.

13 MAY 2021 • SaaS Insider 2021

The Tale of a Downstream GTM Journey

While most SaaS companies test the waters in the SMB and SME segments, gain traction, build confidence, and then make their way to the Enterprise segment, Anna Gong, CEO & Founder of Perx Technologies chose to do the exact opposite. At SaaS Insider 2021, she elaborates on this downstream GTM strategy that was implemented at Perx to capture the enterprise segment first, followed by moving downmarket into SME..

25 APR 2021 • Apidays LIVE

Monetizing on data-led customer actions in the API economy

Understand how APIs play a critical role in building ecosystems of services outside a brand’s core business model to monetize on customer actions in the digitally driven, API economy.

16 APR 2021 • General Assembly

How We Got There: The Founder Edition

Anna Gong, CEO & Founder of Perx Technologies was invited by General Assembly Singapore for a panel discussion on entrepreneurship. She was joined by four other amazing founders and entrepreneurs, and collectively they conducted an inspirational and insightful session on how they started up, the challenges they had to overcome, the learnings along the way, and everything in between.

8 APR 2021 • General Assembly

Enterprise Sales for Startups

Navigating the complex enterprise sales landscape is not easy. It’s a high stakes, high-risk game with great rewards if done right. Setting up Sales for success in the enterprise segment is a constant thought on every startup’s mind.

The Shape of Resilience: Strive, Survive, Thrive

18 MAR 2021 • CNBC Catalyst

The Shape of Resilience: Strive, Survive, Thrive

The pandemic has been a litmus test for businesses, in at least 2 areas – their ability to swiftly adapt to change, and their ability to thrive digitally. While it has been a period of difficult decision making, resetting priorities, it has also given businesses the opportunity to write their story of survival, resilience and success.
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25 NOV 2020 • AWS AI Conclave

AWS AI Conclave: Case Study

Anna Gong, our CEO & Founder, presents Perx as a case study for AI/ML capabilities at the AWS AI Conclave. APAC AI Conclave is a free, virtual conference presented by Tech in Asia, in partnership with Amazon Web Services. The conference will focus on helping AI/ML leaders and practitioners from the region’s startups build smart, customer-centric, scalable solutions in the cloud and on the edge using the latest, broadest, and deepest set of machine learning and AI services.

17 NOV 2020 • Canterbury Tech Summit 2020

Monetizing on Customer Actions in the Digital Economy

In this instant gratification economy digital customer journeys designed by marketers are dotted with multiple touchpoints. The secret to converting an engaged customer to a highly engaged one lies in customer data. Perx CEO, Anna Gong discusses how to redefine engagement to monetize on customer actions in the digital economy..

4 NOV 2020 • Women Inspired World

Be brave, Take risks & Stay people-centric

Catch our CEO, Anna Gong’s candid chat with Women Inspired World about her journey & learnings from Silicon Valley to pivoting a high growth startup in Asia.

JUL 2020 • Perx & Starhub

The Importance of Deploying a Mobile-first Engagement Strategy

Watch how Singapore’s 2nd largest telco, StarHub, created a lifestyle-led, mobile-first customer engagement strategy through personalized and gamified in-app experiences across multiple touch-points.
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4 JUN 2020 • Growth Leaders Podcast

Growth Leaders Podcast

In a fireside chat with Growth Leader’s Dr. Alison Eyring, our CEO Anna Gong discusses her entrepreneurial journey, navigating crises and crossroads, and leading through a business model pivot that allowed Perx to become the leading SaaS platform for driving customer engagement in Southeast Asia. It’s a masterclass in how to startup!
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27 MAR 2020 • DisrupTV

Interview at DisrupTV with Ray Wong and Vala Afshar

With #COVID19 impacting the economic environment and creating uncertainty for the businesses, having a Wartime CEO mindset is necessary to survive and thrive. Listen to Anna Gong, sharing her Wartime CEO strategies and playbook that has helped her transform the organizations and businesses in the tough times.


The Power, Passion & Perseverance

11 JUL 2018 • TEDXx Talks

The Forgotten Customer: A ticking time bomb | Anna Gong | TEDxSUTD

14 MAY 2018 • Scale-Up Asia Conference 2018

Building Strong Culture and Winning Teams

MAR 2018 • Perx

Long Live Loyalty

How Intelligent Mobile Engagements have more durably lifted Customer Loyalty in the Digital Era?

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6 NOV 2020 • Duke CE

The Agile Dashboard: Engaging customers: Lifestyle apps, data in motion & ROI

In this session of Duke CE’s The Agile Dashboard, catch Joseph Perfetti, John Davis, and Scott Koerwer discuss with Anna Gong how large enterprises are transforming themselves into lifestyle ecosystems to serve their millions of customers in the mobile-first, instant gratification economy.
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14 JUL 2020 • The AWS Startup Podcast

Rewrite, Redevelop, and Rebuild: The Hard Choices That Led to the Success of Perx Technologies

Anna Gong was brought into Perx Technologies in late 2014 as CEO to lead the Singapore-based lifestyle app company through its next stage of growth. But instead of scaling things to greater heights, she found herself shutting down the core business and turning what was a consumer-focused business into a full-tilt enterprise SaaS platform. Tune into this podcast where Anna shares more about how she went about doing this.
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14 JUL 2020 • AWS Podcast

Resilient by vision

When it comes to extreme circumstances, our CEO Anna Gong, has seen it all – the ‘08 recession to hard business model pivots. In a candid chat with @AWS Startup Stories team, catch Anna talk about leading in times of crisis and fostering a sense of perspective.
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The Perx of Digital Customer Engagement

30 APR 2020 • DBS Bank Startup Exchange

The Perx of Digital Customer Engagement

What are some of your favourite brands and how do they communicate with you? Gone are the days of brochure mailers and physical loyalty cards as customer engagement goes digital. The rise of disruptive technologies has changed the game and opened new doors to capturing the hearts of customers in the digital age.
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14 minutes of SaaS, a candid podcast with Anna Gong, CEO - Perx Technologies

APR 2020 • DisruptTV

14 Minutes of SaaS

Listen to a 3 part podcast of our CEO Anna Gong with SaaS veteran Stephen Cummins on her transformational story – humble beginnings in China, to leading one of Asia’s high growth startups
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FEB 2019 • Duke CE

The Shift Leadership Framework

How to adapt and reinvent amidst a constantly changing tech landscape?
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JUL 2018 • Perx

Personalize or Perish

Understand how A.I. redefines customer Loyalty and boosts Revenue through personalization.
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28 MAR 2018 • Service Panel

Everything As a Service – Business in the new age of disruption

9 MAY 2017 • Innovfest unbound 2017

Think Like a Startup: How Modern Business Will Succeed

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