27 MAR 2020 • DisrupTV

Interview at DisrupTV with Ray Wong and Vala Afshar

With #COVID19 impacting the economic environment and creating uncertainty for the businesses, having a Wartime CEO mindset is necessary to survive and thrive. Listen to Anna Gong, sharing her Wartime CEO strategies and playbook that has helped her transform the organizations and businesses in the tough times.

The Shift Leadership Framework

How to adapt and reinvent amidst a constantly changing tech landscape?

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11 JUL 2018 • TEDXx Talks

The Forgotten Customer: A ticking time bomb | Anna Gong | TEDxSUTD

9 MAY 2017 • Innovfest unbound 2017

Think Like a Startup: How Modern Business Will Succeed
Long Live Loyalty

How Intelligent Mobile Engagements have more durably lifted Customer Loyalty in the Digital Era?

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14 minutes of SaaS, a candid podcast with Anna Gong, CEO - Perx Technologies
14 Minutes of SaaS

Listen to a 3 part podcast of our CEO Anna Gong with SaaS veteran Stephen Cummins on her transformational story – humble beginnings in China, to leading one of Asia’s high growth startups

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The Power, Passion & Perseverance

14 MAY 2018 • Scale-Up Asia Conference 2018

Building Strong Culture and Winning Teams

28 MAR 2018 • Service Panel

Everything As a Service – Business in the new age of disruption
Personalize or Perish

Understand how A.I. redefines customer Loyalty and boosts Revenue through personalization.

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