Perx Partners with
Amazon Web Services

We trust AWS technology to deliver unparalleled infrastructure support to launch, track, monitor, measure dynamic engagements at scale

How we work together

Key AWS Solutions at Work

Perx Partners with Amazon Web Services


EKS allows smooth scaling and management of everything in our application layer from application servers to background jobs

Perx Partners with Amazon Web Services

AWS Aurora

Aurora helps scale our data layer by allowing fast access, clear performance reporting, ease of management, and excellent pro-active support from AWS

Perx Partners with Amazon Web Services

AWS Security Hub

Elevates our customers’ confidence by giving us actionable items to secure the platform by actively monitoring our infrastructure security and compliance

AWS Redshift

Redshift sits at the center of our business intelligence, reporting and data solutions and allows us to keep data locality within a single cloud provider, simplifying data concerns

Additional AWS Solutions at Work

  • API Gateway
  • Athena
  • Backup
  • Cloudfront
  • CloudTrail
  • CloudWatch
  • Config
  • EC2
  • Elastic Load Balancing
  • ElasticCache
  • Elasticsearch Service
  • Global Accelerator
  • Glue
  • Identify and Access Management, IAM
  • Lambda
  • Personalize
  • QuickSight
  • Route 53
  • S3
  • Simple Notification Service, SNS
  • Step Function
  • Transfer Family
  • Virtual Private Cloud, VPC
  • VPN
  • X-Ray

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