Augmented Analytics

A unified view of performance insights that helps optimize marketing spend for maximum ROI

Loyalty and Engagement Reinvented.

Go beyond vanity metrics and measure real business impact

Gauge performance across users, campaigns, rewards, loyalty programs
in a single glance, effortlessly

  • The Impact dashboard transforms last-mile customer interactions into useful indicators that impact your business
  • Stay informed about your dynamic customer engagement strategy with real-time performance updates at your fingertips
  • Track what matters most to your business with metrics that drive growth, like ROI per marketing dollar and customer action rates, instead of getting caught up in vanity metrics
Go beyond vanity metrics and measure real business impact

Real-time consumer behavior

Leverage the power of data in motion captured from omnichannel sources to understand and augment your consumers’ behavior
Real-time consumer behavior
  • Get closer to your customers by understanding their preferences better with real-time data
  • Insights on demographics, location, best performing rewards, and so much more

In-depth reports

Seamlessly generate comprehensive reports on-demand that you can feed into any business intelligence tool for further analysis
  • Flexibility to generate on-demand reports or schedule them periodically
  • Detailed reports that can be exported for advanced analyses on your existing BI tools
In-depth reports

Enhanced marketing agility

Take faster decisions and iterate quickly by gathering meaningful insights using novel visualizations on bite-sized cards
Enhanced marketing agility
  • Clean, bite-sized, card-based interface to minimize information overload
  • Minimize dependency on data and engineering teams
  • Configurable and deep-dive reports provide behavioral and actionable insights to further steer live and future engagements

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