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Ecovadis Perx Badge


By: Chris Schweiger, Chief Financial Officer

Perx Celebrates EcoVadis ‘Committed’ Badge: A Milestone for Sustainability in Tech


We are thrilled to announce that Perx Technologies Pte. Ltd. has earned the ‘Committed’ badge from EcoVadis, a prominent global provider of business sustainability ratings. This achievement places us at the forefront of sustainability efforts among Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore. By securing this EcoVadis rating, we are setting a standard for sustainability that reflects our dedication to fostering global excellence.

Understanding ESG and Its Importance

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria represent a trio of critical factors that today’s companies must embrace. These non-financial factors speak to the very heart of responsible business practices, encompassing:

Perx’s Journey to ESG Excellence: The path to receiving the EcoVadis rating was one of introspection, strategy, and action. We’ve woven ESG considerations into the fabric of our company, integrating these principles into our core decision-making processes. Whether it’s optimizing our operations for better environmental performance or enhancing our corporate governance structure, every step has been a stride toward sustainability.

The Ripple Effect of ESG in the Business Community

Perx Technologies aims to inspire by example. Our commitment can ignite a chain reaction, encouraging other SMEs to adopt sustainable practices. Our transparent approach to sustainability sends a potent message across Singapore’s tech industry: accountability and sustainable practices are not just optional; they are essential for success and longevity.

Supporting Our Customers Through Our ESG Journey

Our EcoVadis rating is not just a badge of honor for us—it’s a testament to our customers’ trust. By integrating ESG principles into our stakeholder management, we enable our clients to enhance their sustainability profiles. This helps them mitigate risks, improve stakeholder relationships, and drive long-term value creation, all while keeping pace with regulatory developments and societal expectations.

Let’s Unite for Earth-Friendly Impact

At Perx Technologies, we understand the pivotal role that collaborative endeavors play in achieving sustainability milestones. Reflecting the dynamic nature of corporate responsibility, where Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives increasingly form the cornerstone of strategic planning for prominent brands, we warmly invite our partners from the banking, telecommunications, and retail industries to join us.

Together, we aim to explore and deploy cutting-edge solutions that not only propel us towards our ESG goals but also catalyze meaningful behavioral shifts among countless end-users. By introducing innovative, ESG-focused in-app engagements, we can incentivize and reward customers for adopting eco-friendly behaviors, thereby embedding sustainable practices into the fabric of daily life. Here are some ideas we could collaborate on:

Go Green with Digital: Encourage customers to switch to digital statements, thereby reducing paper waste. A simple opt-in for electronic bank statements or retail receipts can have a significant environmental impact.

Bring Your Own Bag: Implement a rewards program that incentivizes customers to bring their own shopping bags, reducing plastic waste one purchase at a time.

Points for the Planet: Create a campaign where customers can ‘burn’ loyalty points to fund environmental initiatives. For every point used to plant a sapling, the brand could match the donation, planting twice as many trees. This not only furthers the brand’s ESG goals but also engages customers in a meaningful way.

We invite our clients to co-create these engagement-led, gamified ESG campaigns. Such initiatives will not only bolster their ESG objectives but also build deeper, more value-driven relationships with customers. The time is ripe for us to leverage our innovative spirit and technology to make sustainability a rewarding part of the consumer experience.

The Path Forward

Our journey doesn’t end here. We are committed to ongoing improvement, aiming to exceed the high standards we’ve set for ourselves. We will continue to innovate, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in sustainable technology.


The ‘Committed’ badge from EcoVadis is more than just recognition. It is a symbol of our sustainability pledge—a pledge that reaches beyond our operations and into the heart of the community. We call upon our peers, partners, and competitors alike to join us on this vital path to sustainability. Together, we can pave the way to a brighter, greener future.


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