Customers’ Lifestyles Differ, So Should Their Rewards.

Rewarding customer actions with personalized rewards has never been easier!

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Scratch the Card Gamification
Instant Reward Voucher

Deliver rewarding experiences that bring you closer to your customers.

Choose from a vast selection of curated rewards tailored to your customers’ lifestyles.

You don’t need a team to spend a 1000 man-hours to procure and manage rewards.

Instantly gratify customers for their actions by launching a rewards campaign on Perx in just 3 simple clicks.

Step 1: Search

Step 2: Pick

Step 3: Launch

Purpose built for Large Enterprises & the Digital Natives


in MAU

Singapore’s leading telco used dynamic customer engagements to increase their MAU by 27%


in Credit Card Spend

One of the top global banks leveraged gamification to drives credit card spend of more than USD 200M


in Loyalty Program Conversion Rate

Philippines based leading electronics chain increased their loyalty program sign up conversion rate to 90%

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