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Perx Connect+TM Loyalty Engagement Platform

How much has Perx contributed to the topline of leading global brands?

Deliver rewarding experiences that bring you closer to your customers.

Transform marketing
to a profit centre

Drive customer actions that contribute to topline. For the first time marketers are enabled with a tool that helps launch dynamic, gamified, incentive-led engagements that influence and entice customers to complete actions.

Increase customer-brand touchpoints

Transform key customer interaction channels from serving only the transactional needs of the customers to fueling their lifestyle and wants. eg: an M-commerce ecosystem powered by curated rewards that incentivize customers to act.

Measure ROI for every
marketing dollar spent

Richer, Deeper Insights – Perx – The sharpest tool in your marketing arsenal allows you to not only launch campaigns that do not stop at open and click rates, but drive customers to complete last-mile actions that delivering real-time ROI for every dollar spent.

Shift your martech stack
from static to dynamic

Perx syncs your entire customer engagement strategy with your customers’ lifestyle. Every SMS, EDM, sponsored post, remarketing effort, or banner you launch across your MarTech stack, shift from static to dynamic, hyper-personalized, and instantly rewarding customer engagement campaigns.

Campaign Management

How many customer-brand touchpoints have our clients created in the last 365 days?

Presenting the sharpest tool in your marketing toolkit.

From onboarding to launch in 24 hours

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Slice and dice your audience, like never before

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A refreshing experience with every launch

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Influence customer actions with the right incentives

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Rules Engine

How many types of customer actions can you trigger with Perx?

Drive customer actions
that matter.

Effectively influence and trigger actions

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Automate engagement triggers

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Maximize control to truly influence customers

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Level-up campaigns to ‘aha moments’

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How many refreshing new mobile-first engagements can you create with gamification?

Act, Play, Win, Repeat.

Instantly hook customers

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String multiple actions into a seamless customer journey

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Optimize campaign budgets with custom win probability

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Nudge customers toward revenue driving goals

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Rewards & Merchants Management

What action do most customers take, when rewarded?

Instantly reward customer actions.

Manage rewards inventory in real-time

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The right reward for the right action

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Flexible redemption mechanics

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Robust merchant management

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Rewards Marketplace – Instant gratification with infinite rewards

Gain access to thousands of rewards and launch engaging campaigns in 3 simple clicks. Eliminate the long-drawn, time-consuming merchant partner onboarding and rewards procurement.

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Loyalty Management

What do most customers expect from loyalty programs?

Redefine your loyalty game.

Intuitive loyalty management

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Trigger events and wow customers

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Create integrated experiences

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Manage loyalty program points liability

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Impact Dashboard

How many customer actions does Perx drive each day?

Customer insights that impact your business.

ROI-led impact dashboard

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Real-time consumer behavior

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In-depth reports

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Enhanced marketing agility

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