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Gather user preferences and tailor experiences accordingly

This journey is tailored to retain customers and attract new users

Elia Wagner, CX Architect

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The Rationale

This journey is tailored to retain customers and attract new users by engaging them with financial literacy quizzes, fostering friendly competition, and offering exclusive rewards.

The Benefits

It enables banks to attract new users by offering tailored incentives that align with individual financial needs and preferences, resulting in increased customer acquisition. By offering personalized rewards as part of the acquisition strategy, companies can position themselves as customer-centric and innovative, creating a positive brand image in the market

The Benefits

Businesses can experience a range of benefits, including increased reward redemption rates, greater social sharing and referral sign-ups, and ultimately improved retention and acquisition rates.

Key Performance Indicators

Customer acquisition, customer engagement, customer retention

Perx-Powered Survey and Nudge

It's the weekend, and Prospera Bank launches their new "Financial Fitness Challenge," a weekly quiz designed to test and improve customers' financial literacy

On Saturday morning, customers receive a push notification inviting them to participate in the challenge. The message highlights limited early-bird rewards, encouraging them to act quickly


Interactive Learning Experience

Sarah answers a series of engaging, interactive questions related to personal finance, investing, and budgeting


Instant Gratification

Upon completion, she receives a reward for being one of the early participants


Competitive Engagement

Sarah can view the "Financial Fitness Challenge" leaderboard, which displays rankings based on quiz performance. She can compare her results with family and friends, fostering friendly competition and increasing engagement



Virality through Social Media Sharing

Since Sarah is at the top of the leaderboard today, she proudly shares her achievement on social media, along with a personalized message. The shared post includes a referral link, offering exclusive rewards to friends who sign up with Prospera Bank, promoting organic growth


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