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Influencing Customer Behavior:

Empowering Action through Nudges

Nudges bridge the gap between intention and action, guiding customers towards positive choices that align with their needs. Harnessing behavioral science, they help to create impactful strategies that drive engagement, enhance satisfaction, and foster long-lasting customer relationships.

Elia Wagner, CX Architect

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The Rationale

By utilizing subconscious behavioral influences to guide customers towards desired actions, nudges help to simplify decision-making, overcome inertia, and offer positive reinforcement.

The Benefits

Nudges leverage psychological insights to create impactful customer-centric experiences that drive desired actions, foster loyalty, and optimize marketing strategies for sustainable success.

Ideally Suited For

Industry: Fitness, Health & Wellness
Mobile app: Yes
Drive Multi-Actions: Yes

Key Performance Indicators

Increased Customer Retention, Cross-Selling, and User Referrals

Perx-Powered Nudge to Encourage Customer Action

Rishi receives an SMS notification motivating him to get back to the gym to receive a personalized reward.


Action 1: FitZone Check In

Enticed by the reward, Rishi goes in-store and checks into FitZone via the FitZone mobile app.


Action 2: Engagement via a Gamified Reward Experience

Upon checking in, Rishi receives a pop-up notification revealing a gamified experience consisting of several personalized reward options.


Instant Gratification for Customer Engagement

Rishi shakes the tree and receives one of the custom reward options.



Cross-Selling Related Product

Because of the reward he earned, Rishi receives a Perx-powered SMS nudge from FitZone to sign up for their new strength training class.


Action 3: Class Sign-Up

Interested in this new offering, Rishi redeems his reward and signs up for the class.



Action 4: Class Attendance

Rishi checks back in to FitZone and joins the new strength training class that he signed up for.


Perx-Powered Nudge for Next Customer Action

After finishing his class, Rishi receives a new SMS notification encouraging him to enjoy group sessions by inviting his friends & family.


Action 5: Refer a Friend

Excited about the idea of a group class, Rishi refers his friends Aman, Pooja, and Annika.



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