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Personalize Rewards for a Joint Purpose

to Boost Customer Loyalty

By tailoring rewards based on a customer’s specific interests and contributions (such as a joint purpose of sustainability), businesses demonstrate their commitment to social responsibility, fostering a deeper emotional connection with customers.

Amrith G, SVP | Marketing & Customer Analytics

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The Rationale

Personalizing rewards for ESG initiatives, for example, taps into customers’ intrinsic motivation and aligns it with a broader social and environmental mission. This creates a powerful incentive for recurring engagement, as customers are not just seeking personal benefits but also actively contributing to a shared purpose.

The Benefits

Personalizing for a joint purpose fosters deep customer loyalty, builds a positive brand reputation, and drives increased customer engagement over time. By aligning customer interests with a broader purpose, businesses can also attract like-minded consumers who are passionate about similar goals.

Ideally Suited For

Industry: Telecom, Banking, Large-Retail
Customer Base: > 50k user base
Mobile App: Yes
Existing Loyalty Program: Not a must

Key Performance Indicators

Enhanced Customer Appreciation, Engagement, and Loyalty

Push Notification

Julia receives a notification to participate in sustainability movement


Campaign Brief

To participate in this cause, Julia clicks on the notification and check for more details


Loyalty Points Burn

With all the excitement, Julia redeems her 1000 points.


Instant Gratification

Julia see the update on her contribution and surprised to see the reward for her contribution


Reward Redemption

As a reward, Julia receives a sustainability kit and feels happy about participating.


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