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Educate users to build trust and boost loyalty

Elevate customer engagement, gather valuable insights, and educate your audience through Perx’s dynamic quiz campaigns. Personalize experiences, drive brand loyalty, and unleash the true potential of your business with our powerful platform

Shalley Mohta, Customer Engagement Strategist

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The Rationale

By collecting user preference data through quizzes, brands gain valuable insights into customer preferences, tastes, and behaviors. This data can inform strategic decision-making processes, such as product development, marketing campaigns, and personalized customer experiences

The Benefits

Quizzes offer a direct channel for customers to provide feedback. Brands can gather insights, opinions, and suggestions from users, allowing them to address concerns, improve their offerings, and align their strategies with customer needs

Ideally Suited For

Industry: Retail & E-commerce, Financial Services, Telecom, Food & Beverage
Mobile app: Yes

Key Performance Indicators

Influencing purchase intent, Collecting customer preferences, Increasing product awareness

Perx Powered In-App Quiz

Lia is incentivized to answer a few quiz questions about Windside Retail, and win prizes


Action 1: Play Quiz

Participating in the quiz educates Lia about Windside Retail's brand and identity


Instant Reward For Customer Action

Completing the quiz triggers a dynamic engagement - a spin-the-wheel game - in which Lia wins a prize



Action 2: Invite a Friend

Lia is impressed by the app user experience, personalized rewards, and dynamic engagement
and refers her friend Jolene


Referral Reward

Lia receives $5 credit in her Windside wallet after Jolene accepts Lia's invitation and signs-up for an account



Reward for transaction by Referee

On making her first purchase, Jolene receives a $10 voucher and Lia receives another $5 cashback referral reward


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