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As a category-creating Lifestyle Marketing Platform that enables large enterprises to surprise and delight over 50M end consumers each day, we are looking for like-minded partners to ideate, consult, implement and drive value to global brands.

Our Customers

Let’s solve some real world problems for large enterprises.

  • Telecom Industry

    Drive Pre-paid Top-ups

    Increase Monthly Active App Users

    Reduce Contract Renewal Churn

    Build a Rewards Marketplace

    Improve ARPU

    Improve Referral Program Outcomes

    Improve Cross-sell & Upsell Campaigns

    Surprise & Delight Customers

    Reward Customers Instantly

    Reduce Loyalty Points Liability

    Build Customer Loyalty

    Increase Customer LTV
    & more…
  • Retail Industry

    Increase Basket Size

    Drive Digital Footfall during a Sale

    Drive Credit Card Spend

    Boost App Downloads & MAU Numbers

    Incentivize Repeat Sales

    Increase Footfall at your Stores

    Improve traffic during Off-Peak Hours

    Improve Marketing ROI

    Reward Customer Feedback

    Improve Referral Program Outcomes

    Reduce Loyalty Points Liability

    Improve Cross-sell & Upsell Campaigns
    & more…
  • Banking Industry

    Drive Credit Card Spend

    Increase Monthly Active App Users

    Reward Customers Instantly

    Build Digital Rewards Coalitions

    Increase Mobile Banking Transactions

    Improve Referral Program Outcomes

    Improve Cross-sell & Upsell Campaigns

    Increase your Debt Collection Rate

    Improve Relationship with HNIs

    Reduce Loyalty Points Liability

    Improve Customer Loyalty & Churn

    Increase Customer LTV
    & more…

Together, let’s force multiply growth.

Perx works with a few types of partners. See where your strengths align.


Alliance Partner

Consulting firms / System Integrators

Perx’s alliance partners collaborate on strategic GTM endeavors with large B2C brands, regional and global. Alliance partners bring in deep industry expertise and network to tap into the transformation CX needs of enterprise customers.

Alliance partners also form the extended consulting arm of Perx in ideating, strategizing, and enabling enterprise clients to overcome challenges.

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Rewards Partner

Rewards Aggregators, Coalitions & Marketplaces

In this instant gratification world, we all live in rewarding customers is the only way to drive desired customer actions.

With rewards at the center of every dynamic customer engagement at Perx, reward partners play a vital role in identifying, procuring, and manage the digital inventory of rewards in a digital marketplace used by our enterprise clients for their every engagement.

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Digital Partner

Digital Ad Agencies / Boutique Consulting firms

Representing the true force multipliers in our partner ecosystem, solution partners act as an extended arm of Perx’s sales and customer success teams.

Solution partners leverage their wealth of ideation and consulting experience to brainstorm, collaborate and build bespoke customer journeys on the Perx platform for enterprise clients to achieve better customer engagement and drive overall marketing ROI.

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ISV Partner

MarTech vendors / Front-end App solutions

As an Independent solution provider, you will integrate your solution with Perx’s Lifestyle Marketing Platform either horizontally or vertically.

This will enable you to not only add more functionality to the collective offering but also drive user licenses via Perx enterprise clients.

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Partners Testimonial

  • We see the Perx/Mambu partnership as a strategic move to create joint value for our customers and target markets.

    Myles Bertrand,
    Managing Director, APAC

  • This strategic partnership with Perx will enable us to deliver the same world-class experience millions of Razer customers are used to, in an industry like banking that beckons to be redefined

    Eduard Fabian,
    Chief Technology Officer, Razer Fintech

  • Perx will enable us to scale digital adoption of SaaS in PH. Perx’s platform and domain expertise will allow businesses to access the best technology and a large consumer base

    Stephanie Kabuto,
    GM & Head of Products

  • Our partnership with Perx enables banks to conquer the elusive last-mile in customer engagement.

    Sanjay Mathew,
    Senior Director, Oracle Financial Services

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