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How Perx is Redefining Loyalty with Cutting-Edge Technologies


How Perx is Redefining Loyalty with Cutting-Edge Technologies

Tune in to the Tech Captains discussion hosted by Ron Danenberg and Gareth Thomas. Catch Amen Reghimi discuss how Perx is redefining the loyalty and engagement space with cutting-edge technologies like AI, behavioral science, and gamification. Also, in this episode, Amen delves into his professional journey navigating diverse industries and countries.

How Behavioral Science, AI, and Gamification Are Driving Engagement

Amen shares about how Perx merges the power of behavioral science and gamification to help companies excel in their customer engagement strategy. By identifying the best opportunities to engage customers, Perx enables businesses to deliver captivating and tailored experiences through our platform. As a company that collaborates with brands from various sectors, including finance, telecom and retail, Perx’s ultimate goal is to foster customer loyalty that results in revenue growth. To ensure the protection of customer data, Amen emphasizes that Perx pre-embeds fraud detection tools in our systems to ensure the highest levels of security.


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