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Perx Orion by Perx Technologies


Perx Technologies Elevates Loyalty with Perx Orion: The AI-Driven Customer Intelligence Solution Transforming Engagement and Brand Experiences

Perx Technologies, a leader in loyalty engagement and customer behavioral intelligence, is proud to introduce the world’s first Autonomous Loyalty Framework, Perx Orion. This cutting-edge Customer Intelligence Solution leverages AI to seamlessly integrate technology, intelligent customer data, and analytics. Combined with a creative ImpactLab, Perx Orion empowers brands to forge authentic connections with their ecosystems and unlock new revenue models by deeply understanding their customer intelligence.

Perx Orion represents a simplified, unified, and intelligent way for brands to intricately enhance and optimize customer acquisition, adoption, engagements, and growth strategies at scale. Powered by deep domain expertise and generative AI, Perx Orion combines advanced analytics, gamification, behavioral science, and advanced automation to deliver personalized and meaningful customer engagements that matter.

“With Perx Orion, we’re not just launching a framework; we’re introducing a new success blueprint for brands where creative excellence meets AI-driven impact,” said Anna Gong, Founder and CEO of Perx Technologies. “This is about bringing together the best of human ingenuity and artificial intelligence to forge deep, meaningful relationships between businesses and their ecosystem. Relationships and impact are way beyond just B2C transaction-only touchpoints. It’s about simplifying and unifying engagements while creating fun, meaningful, and rewarding experiences with your B2X ecosystems.”

Perx Orion is built on three foundational pillars, each essential for the autonomous loyalty framework’s holistic approach to impact creation.

Brands can no longer rely on outdated methods like spending too much without real results or taking too long to connect with customers. It’s all about modernizing how brands reward loyalty, making every interaction count right away.

The first pillar, Perx Connect+, revolutionizes the paradigm of customer engagement by introducing bespoke engagement mechanics and incorporating gamification to ensure each interaction not only counts but is also immediate, engaging, and enjoyable. This Solution is at the forefront of modernizing how brands cultivate loyalty, infusing every touchpoint with a sense of instant gratification. This approach revolutionizes loyalty programs from mere point tallies to dynamic, interactive customer tools that actively nudge and influence customer actions, transforming how they engage, act, and transact.

The second pillar, Perx eMind, enhances the Perx Orion framework with its AI and data-driven capabilities, offering real-time ROI, benchmarks, and strategic recommendations across customer touchpoints. Perx eMind delivers unmatched customer intelligence, enabling predictive campaigns and engagement strategies catering to transactional and non-transactional behaviors. By benchmarking performance across industries, Perx eMind fine-tunes brand engagement, reducing the reliance on extensive but often underutilized rewards catalogs. 

The third pillar is the creative and consulting think tank that makes up the Perx ImpactLab, designed to advise and consult brands through the intricacies of loyalty engagement strategies and monetization models while also designing creative use cases for greater value optimization.

Perx Orion is the guiding light for businesses navigating the complexities of customer engagement,” said Anna Gong, Founder & CEO of Perx Technologies. “Our intelligent engine, coupled with creative excellence, adapts in real-time to deliver not just personalized experiences but truly impactful engagement strategies that drive growth and profitability.”

About Perx Technologies:

Perx is the world’s first intelligent and autonomous solution for customer engagement and loyalty. Powered by AI and data-driven insights, Perx’s Loyalty Engagement Platform enables brands to engage customers in ways that are both deeply meaningful and monetizable. Headquartered in Singapore, the platform synergizes gamification, behavioral science, and advanced engagement mechanics to support brands in elevating customer actions and interactions using data-driven experiences. By designing customized, incentive-driven journeys, Perx Technologies simplifies customer acquisition, activation, monetization, and growth, cultivating enduring loyalty and remarkable user experiences, and solidifying its position as an industry trailblazer.

For further information, press only:

Amrith G | amrith@perxtech.com | +65 81898972

Embark on the journey to transformative customer engagement with Orion by Perx Technologies — experience how creative excellence combined with AI unfolds unparalleled impact.

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