Induce emotional responses to influence relevant, meaningful customer actions that fuel business growth

Loyalty and Engagement Reinvented.

Shift from static to dynamic customer engagement

Transform your customer engagement strategy from static to dynamic with our innovative platform that enables you to create personalized and interactive experiences for your customers

  • Boost customer engagement by up to 12x with fun and proven gamification mechanics:
    • Shake the tree
    • Hit the pinata
    • Scratch card
    • Spin-the-wheel
    • and more!
  • Infuse fun and excitement into your engagement campaigns, yet keep all control by defining number of game tries per user, the probability of winning, randomizing rewards and more

Setup a sequence of actions for a seamless customer journey

Besides driving specific actions, connect multi-action engagements through collaborative or competitive challenges using quests, leaderboards, teams and more
  • Increase stickiness by introducing collaborative experiences with Leaderboards, Quests, Badges, Teams, and more
  • Create additional customer-brand touchpoints and discover deeper insights on customer behavior and engagement
  • Always stay top-of-mind with unique engagements that build your brand communities

Optimize campaign budgets by controlling the probability of your customer winning

Masterfully control campaign costs to tread within marketing budgets for every campaign. Decide the probability of a win, based on the significance of the customers’ action and/or the cost of a sizeable reward
  • Add an element of suspense by defining when and how often customers are rewarded
  • Modify game mechanics on the fly based on real-time engagement data
  • Reduce costs by leveraging non-monetary mechanics like badges and quest levels instead of rewards

Nudge customers toward revenue-driving goals

A vast collection of fun games and mechanics to match the campaign audience, and make every campaign experience surprising and delightful. Nudge your customers towards the desired campaign goal – Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Revenue-Generation, Referral
  • Acquire, activate, retain, and drive revenue – surprise and delight your customers based on the goals you set out to achieve
  • Gamify critical journey milestones to increase campaign completion and engagement rates

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