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With our innovative platform, businesses can effortlessly drive user actions through timely prompts and nudges, while instantly delighting them with a gamified reward experience, seamlessly blending motivation and gratification

Amrith G, SVP | Marketing & Customer Analytics

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The Rationale

Gratifying user journeys not only drive immediate actions but also cultivate long-term engagement, loyalty, and positive brand experiences. It allows businesses to stand out in a competitive landscape, differentiate their offerings, and ultimately achieve their strategic goals by leveraging the power of motivation, instant gratification, and gamification

The Benefits

Implementing this use-case enables businesses to boost user engagement, improve conversion rates, enhance customer satisfaction, gain valuable data-driven insights, and gain a competitive edge. The combination of nudges and rewards drives actions, fosters loyalty, and delivers measurable results

Ideally Suited For

Industry: Industry: Financial Services and Banking, Telecom
Mobile app: Not Required

Key Performance Indicators

Action completion rate, conversion rate, customer lifetime value

Prompt For Customer Action

To activate Alena, a Perx-powered campaign encourages her to make her first in-app transaction


Action 1: Transact

Alena deposits $500 to complete her first savings milestone



Instant Gratification

Alena is instantly gratified with a gamified reward experience for completing her first transaction


Engagement Through Gamified Reward

Alena receives a personalized reward, tailored via the spin-the-wheel game. By tapping on the screen and spinning the wheel, she receives her reward and can save it in her digital wallet



Product Cross-sell

To monetize Alena, a personalized credit card offer is presented to her


Action 2: Card Application

Intrigued by the offer, Alena applies for a credit card



Instant Reward For Customer Action

Upon approval of the account, Alena instantly gets rewarded with her personalized gift


Nudging Next Customer Action

To encourage Alena to start transacting, she is sent a cashback offer on her new credit card


Action 3: Credit Card Use

She uses her credit card to make online transactions and is instantly gratified with cashback


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