Keep customer engaged through gamified micro-experiences

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Tailor offerings based on recent transactions

Experience a tailor-made journey curated to guide customers towards completing further transactions

Elia Wagner, CX Architect

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The Rationale

Experience a tailor-made journey curated to guide customers towards completing further transactions. By harnessing the power of personalized campaigns and incentives, we aim to boost overseas card usage and drive customer engagement.

The Benefits

This strategy enhances survey completion rates, total spending, campaign goal completion rates, and incremental card usage during trips, ultimately driving monetization.

Ideally Suited For

Industry: Telecom, Banking, Large-Retail
Customer base: > 50k customer base
Mobile app: Yes
Existing Loyalty program: Not a must
Drive multi-actions: Yes

Key Performance Indicators

Customer acquisition, customer engagement, customer retention

Customer Action 1: Flight Booking

Sarah books a flight with Singapore Airlines using her Prospera Bank account


Nudge for Another Action

Sarah receives a pop-up on the Prospera Bank app, inviting her to participate in a survey about her booking experience with Singapore Airlines


Customer Action 2: Experience Survey

Sarah answers the first question of the survey, rating her flight booking experience with Singapore Airlines


Product Cross-Sell

The survey introduces Prospera Bank's travel insurance offering, as a cross-selling opportunity


Dynamic Discount

On account of answering 'no' to the previous question, Sarah receives a 10% discount voucher on the travel insurance


Customer Action

Sarah takes advantage of the discount voucher and purchases travel insurance for her trip through Prospera Bank



Nudge for Next Action

When Sarah completed a booking at Singapore Airlines she was automatically enrolled in a campaign tailored for travelers, encouraging them to use their Prospera Bank card overseas and win a complimentary airport lounge access for their next trip


Customer Action

While on the trip, Sarah remembers the campaign and uses her Prospera card for all purchases, aiming to complete the $1000. She receives real-time notifications for her progress on overseas spending towards the mission



Interactive Engagement

Sarah tracks her spending progress using a visually engaging progress indicator within the app. As she spends more, the progress bar fills up, motivating her to reach the target


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