Revolutionize Your Sales Strategy with Data-Driven Personalization

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Revolutionize Your Sales Strategy with Data-Driven Personalization

Gamification has the power to not only engage users effectively, but also incentivize them to willingly share valuable first-party data. This can, in turn, be used to offer them more personalized and relevant content, encouraging upselling and cross-selling efforts.

Amrith G, SVP, Marketing & Customer Analytics

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The Rationale

By transforming the data collection experience into an interactive and rewarding activity, businesses can gather more accurate and comprehensive information about their users.

The Benefits

Gamification enhances user participation, ensuring a win-win scenario where customers enjoy a memorable experience, while firms gain vital insights needed to craft highly personalized and effective offers.

Ideally Suited For

Industry: Insurance, Banking, Large-Retail
Mobile App: Yes
Existing Loyalty Program: Not a must
Drive Multi-Actions: Yes

Key Performance Indicators

More Effective Data Collection, Personalization, and Up- and Cross-Sell Efforts

SMS Notification

Chea receives a notification about the offer.


Milestone Campaign

Chea participates in the challenge to receive the reward



Survey Campaign

After making each timely payment, Chea is invited to participate in a survey or quiz to receive an instant reward.


1st Party Data Collection

Chea answers the quiz with great excitement.


Instant Gratification

He receives the bonus points as a reward



Driving Customer Actions

With great excitement, Chea completes all the payments and secures the assured reward.


Reward-based Upsell

Chea receives the reward for completing the milestones


Policy Notification

Based on his responses to the surveys and quizzes, Chea receives a personalized offer on the family health care plan.


Upsell Reward

Chenda starts filling her application and also connects with SME advisor to understand more details.


Revenue Driving Action

Chenda discusses options with the advisor and chooses the right financial solutions


Revenue Driving Action

Chea’s application is approved and he is a delighted customer.


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