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Delight with personalized rewards to monetize customers

Our use-case empowers businesses to entice and influence users through rewards tailored to their habits and preferences, effectively nudging them towards desired actions and maximizing monetization opportunities

Amrith G, SVP | Marketing & Customer Analytics

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The Rationale

By tailoring rewards based on individual preferences and actions, businesses can create a powerful incentive structure that encourages desired customer behaviors, boosts engagement, and ultimately increases revenue

The Benefits

By offering personalized rewards, businesses can foster stronger connections with customers, incentivize desired actions, and create a sense of exclusivity, ultimately leading to enhanced customer satisfaction and long-term loyalty

Ideally Suited For

Industry: Banking
Customer base: > 100k customer base
Mobile app: Not Required
Existing Loyalty program: Not a must

Key Performance Indicators

Drive credit card spend

Nudge for Customer Action

As a valued customer of Prospera bank, Jolene receives an SMS reminding her to keep minimum balance in her account to avoid getting charged any penalty fees


Customer Action 1 : Account Deposit

Jolene deposits the required amount in her account. Not only does she escape the penalty charge, but is also rewarded for her swift action


Dynamic Reward Experience

On clicking the link, Jolene lands within the Prospera app and receives a dynamic engagement-led reward pop-up


Engagement with Reward Coupon

Jolene engages with the reward coupon by following the instructions and scratching the card. The scratch card reveals her reward- interest-free late payment of her next credit card bill


Customer Action 2: Transaction on New Card

Jolene takes advantage of this offer and uses her Prospera credit card for all her transactions. One of these transactions is the payment of her monthly utilities bill


Nudge to Setup Auto-pay

On account of paying a recurring category bill with the Prospera card, Jolene receives an SMS nudging her to setup auto-pay for her monthly utilities bill and receive an instant reward


Customer Action 3: Auto-pay Setup

Jolene is tempted by the offer and the idea of not having to remember to pay her utility bill every month, so she opts for auto-pay



Reward for Customer Action

A month later when the utilities bill is auto-paid, Jolene receives an SMS with a link for accessing her reward


Voucher for Local On-Demand Apps

On clicking the link, Jolene lands on another voucher, which she can save to her wallet for future use


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