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Exploring the Potential of Gamification

Utilizing a suite of interactive milestones to delight customers is a highly effective and customer-centric method for welcoming new users and ensuring their familiarity with an app’s essential features. This approach proves especially advantageous for apps that cater to specific consumer needs, such as wellness or healthcare, where user adoption may be confined to only certain aspects of the app, leaving other functionalities underutilized impacting overall adoption of new features. By employing interactive milestones, these customers journeys can guide users through new features, enhancing their overall experience and encouraging exploration of previously overlooked capabilities.

Dharsh Kannan, Marketing Executive

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The Rationale

Delight customers with a suite of interactive milestones designed to familiarize them with the app’s key features, while simultaneously driving consumer engagement and monetization opportunities.

The Benefits

Gamification is leveraged to amplify customers’ frequency of performing more in-app transactions, resulting in businesses cementing their customer-brand connection.

Ideally Suited For

Industry: Health & Wellness, Healthcare
Customer base: > 50k user base
Mobile app: Not Required
Existing Loyalty program: Not a must
Drive multi-actions: Yes

Key Performance Indicators

Boost customer Engagement and retention
Drive customer behavior
Increase monetization

Customer Enrolled

Mila is enrolled in a loyalty program offered by a healthcare provider, and earns personalized rewards for completing milestones



Milestone 1: Daily Steps

Mila earns points as a reward for diligently tracking and accomplishing her daily goal of 10,000 steps


Points Redemption

Mila redeems her points for a voucher, unlocking access to a discounted health supplement on the app. Additionally, she receives bonus points for her purchase, instantly boosting her account balance



Milestone 2: Appointment Booking

Mila is encouraged to schedule healthcare appointments in-app, earning points that can be exchanged for vouchers


Leader Board Engagement

As Mila continues to conquer milestones, she eventually climbs to the top of the leader board and unlocks a special reward, a scratch card


Keeping Users Hooked With Gamification

Mila scratches her card and is delighted to win a personalized reward


Reward Saved for Future Use

Mila saves the $15 voucher in her wallet for future redemption


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