Keep customer engaged through gamified micro-experiences

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Make rewards dynamic and interactive

This journey aims to enhance customer engagement and elevate brand awareness

Ravinder Singh, Head of Customer Enablement

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The Rationale

This journey aims to enhance customer engagement and elevate brand awareness, ultimately leading to higher transaction frequency and expanded cross-selling opportunities.

The Benefits

With this approach, you can increase the number of active users, promote repeated transactions, and ultimately boost engagement levels

Ideally Suited For

Industry: FMCG
Customer base: > 50k customer base
Mobile app: Yes
Existing Loyalty program: Not a must

Key Performance Indicators

Active users, number of repeated transactions, customer engagement

Engagement Campaigns

Based on her buying behaviors, Shirley is enrolled into multiple engagement campaigns on the SpotAway rewards program



Customer Action: Product Purchase

Shirley receives a stamp for every SpotAway product purchase. As a bonus, she earns a surprise reward on completing a stamp card within a month


Engagement Through Gamified Experience

As a surprise reward for completing the stamp card within a month, Shirley is rewarded with a spin for the Monthly-Spin-To-Clean campaign


Surprise and Delight

Shirley is delighted to receive a coupon for a free product sample


Voucher Saved for Future Use

Shirley saves the free product sample voucher in her wallet to redeem later when convenient


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