Keep customer engaged through gamified micro-experiences

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Engaging, Educating, and Powering

through the Power of Gamification

Gamified elements like quizzes are crucial in educating customers as they make the usually tedious/ boring learning process more engaging, interactive, and informative.

Amrith G, SVP, Marketing & Customer Analytics

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The Rationale

Gamified elements like quizzes encourage active participation and help customers better understand complex financial concepts. By making the learning experience less intimidating and more accessible, such elements help to increase customer satisfaction and overall loyalty.

Ideally Suited For

Industry: Telecom, Banking, Large-Retail
Mobile app: Yes
Drive Multi-Actions: Yes

The Benefits

These interactive tools not only foster engagement but also make complex financial concepts more accessible, catering to a more diverse audience. This helps to boost the potential of cross-selling and up-selling opportunities, all while providing valuable data insights to further refine the bank’s offerings and marketing strategies.

Key Performance Indicators

Increased engagement, confidence, and customer satisfaction

Push Notification

Sofia receives a push notification and want to learn more about it


Quiz Mechanic

Sofia engages in a quiz but selects the wrong answer, prompting her to watch a video for better understanding



Milestone Preview

As she likes learning more, she participates in more quizzes


Participation Reward

For her participation Sofia receives a personalised reward


Upsell Reward

Sofia starts filling her application and also connects with SME advisor to understand more details


Revenue Driving Action

Sofia discusses options with the advisor and chooses the right financial solution


Successful Upsell

Sofia's equipment financing application gets approved, and she receives bank confirmation with excitement



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