Keep customer engaged through gamified micro-experiences

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Encourage transactions through gamified quests

Engage, motivate, and foster friendly competition among users with our quest campaign feature, where they can earn points by completing tasks and strive to climb the leaderboard, creating an immersive and interactive loyalty experience

Shalley Mohta, Customer Engagement Strategist

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The Rationale

By encouraging users to complete tasks and earn points, the quest campaign fosters a sense of excitement, motivates participation and creates a memorable and interactive experience that strengthens the bond between users and the brand

The Benefits

Quest campaigns incentivize users to interact with the brand regularly and complete tasks, leading to higher engagement. On the other hand, introducing leaderboards and the ability to compete against friends and family adds a social dimension to the campaign

Ideally Suited For

Industry: Telecom, Fitness & Wellness, Gaming, E-learning
Mobile app: Yes

Key Performance Indicators

Task completion rate, Engagement metrics (no. of sessions, frequency, etc.)

Perx Powered Quest

Motivated by the prospect of winning points and claiming the top prize, Peter embarks on a quest


ACTION 1: Application for Subscription

Peter commits to the quest and upgrades to a postpaid connection to reach the next milestone



Instant Points Reward

Peter is instantly rewarded with points for achieving the next milestone, bringing him one step closer to the top of the leaderboard



Gamified Leaderboard Engagement

Peter is motivated to earn points, but disheartened by his current position on the leaderboard. He decides to earn more points and progress through the quest


Action 2: Auto-pay setup

To boost his leaderboard ranking, Peter decides to complete more milestones and takes the next step to setup auto-pay for his monthly postpaid bill



Instant Gratification

Peter receives points instantly upon completing this milestone


Leader Board Engagement

Peter continues to complete milestones and eventually climbs to the top of the leaderboard, surpassing his friends and family


Reward Experience

On being at the top of the leader board, Peter is instantly presented with a gamified reward


Engagement through Gamified Visual

Peter receives a personalized reward tailored via the Plinko game. On landing the ping pong ball within one of the gift slots, Peter unravels his reward


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