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Utilize Personalization to Delight

Customers and Drive Cross-Sells

Personalization is the key to unlocking successful cross-selling opportunities as it tailors recommendations to suit each customer’s individual preferences. It increases customer engagement, drives higher conversion rates, and helps businesses maximize their revenue potential.

Amrith G, SVP | Marketing & Customer Analytics

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The Rationale

Personalization helps to increase conversion rates, foster customer engagement and loyalty, and improve the effectiveness of cross-selling efforts by continuously targeting customers with relevant offers.

The Benefits

By tailoring recommendations to each individual customer’s needs, personalization empowers businesses to deliver targeted recommendations that improve satisfaction, loyalty, revenue generation, and cross-selling.

Ideally Suited For

Industry: Fashion, Retail, and E-Commerce
Mobile app: Not a Must
Existing Loyalty program: Not a must

Key Performance Indicators

Enhanced Customer Engagement, Customer Satisfaction, and Cross-Selling.

Perx-Powered Nudge to Encourage Customer Action

Emily receives a rewards-led SMS notification informing her about a new monthly StyleHive StyleBox subscription


Action 1: Exploring the StyleBox Page on the StyleHive Website

Incentivized by the potential reward, Emily visits the StyleBox page of the StyleHive website. There, she learns more about what the subscription is all about



Action 2: StyleBox Subscription Sign-Up

Interested in what the subscription offers, Emily signs up for StyleBox



Month 1 Details

Upon signing up, Emily receives an email about her first month’s theme and what she can expect from it


Action 3: Exploring the Website

Intrigued, Emily clicks on the website and learns more about the month’s StyleBox. Seeing this, she excitedly awaits her order delivery.



StyleBox Delivery

As scheduled, Emily’s first StyleBox gets delivered right to her front door.


Perx-Powered Nudge to Encourage Next Customer Action

A day after her StyleBox got delivered, Emily receives another SMS notification encouraging her to explore additional accessory pairings to go with her new outfit.


Action 4: Additional Shopping

Excited to try new pairings with her StyleBox outfit, Emily goes online and purchases new accessories



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