What Messi's new Club and a Digital Bank Teach About 'Aha' Moments

What Messi’s new Club and a Digital Bank Teach About ‘Aha’ Moments

Unleashing the Dynamic Trio of Game Theory, Instant Gratification, and Gamified MarTech Platforms

Amrith G.

SVP, Marketing & Customer Analytics | Aug 30, 2023

In the dynamic world of digital acceleration, customer engagement stands tall as the bedrock of triumph for formidable brands striving to connect with the mobile-first wave.

8 out of 10 travelers spend 70% of their daily commute on their Mobile device. – Researchgate 2023

As the mobile revolution navigates the course of consumer behavior, the art of innovation becomes paramount when going head-to-head with competitors. Delve into a transformative journey as we unveil how industry leaders have mastered the fine art of customer engagement, drawing strength from the potent trio of game theory, instant gratification, and cutting-edge MarTech SaaS tools.

Embracing the Mobile-First Consumer

The proliferation of smartphones has elevated the mobile-first consumer to a position of unparalleled importance. Large brands now recognize that meeting customers on their preferred platforms is vital to establishing meaningful connections. By embracing mobile as a primary engagement channel, brands have unlocked untapped potential and created seamless user experiences that resonate with their target audience.

For instance, Even before the acquisition of Lionel Messi, Inter Miami CF embraced the mobile-first consumer by launching its mobile app. The app allows fans to not only purchase tickets, check the team roster, and watch live games but also en route to launch a dynamic loyalty program that rewards every action and transaction a fan completes through gamification.

The app’s user-friendly interface and mobile-exclusive features have significantly enhanced fan engagement and loyalty. In just two years, Inter Miami CF’s social media followers went from 1 million to 5 million*, and the team’s average attendance has increased by 30%.

Inter Miami CF’s mobile app has been a success in engaging fans and driving growth. The app has been downloaded over 1 million times and has been used to purchase over 500,000 tickets. The app has also been praised by fans for its user-friendliness and features. *Notably, the leap from 2 to 5 million followers was indisputably propelled by the signing of Messi 🙂

The Power of Game Theory

Game theory has transcended traditional gaming domains and has found profound applications in customer engagement. Brands are now using gamification to drive user behavior and foster a sense of excitement and competitiveness among customers. By leveraging game theory, companies encourage increased participation, active involvement, and brand loyalty, all of which lead to a more engaged customer base.

For instance, a leading Asian Bank achieved a substantial $18 million boost in consumer overseas credit card expenditure through the strategic implementation of game theory for customer engagement. The bank’s once utilitarian mobile app, primarily used for routine tasks like balance checks and transfers, has ingeniously evolved into an instantly gratifying tool for customers’ day-to-day actions. By introducing a spectrum of virtual and real-world spending and savings-based challenges, the app incorporates leaderboards and offers rewards to commemorate customers’ accomplishments. Download Success Story

By harnessing the innate competitive nature of consumers, the bank has effectively converted previously passive customer engagement into a dynamic and rewarding customer experience. This transformation significantly contributes to the bank’s overall revenue, fostering heightened brand involvement and customer engagement.

Instant Gratification

In the era of instant gratification, customers demand immediate rewards for their actions. Brands that understand this psychology have implemented real-time gratification strategies to keep customers hooked and motivated. Instant rewards, personalized offers, and immediate feedback are just some ways brands delight their mobile-first audience, increasing overall engagement and brand affinity.

A striking example emerges from Singapore’s pioneering digital bank. This institution seamlessly melded game theory and instant gratification with the daily lifestyle elements of its consumers – for instance, by rewarding customers with daily essential items such as groceries, food, and transport.

Over a span of 60 days from its launch, the bank unleashed more than 500 distinct micro-experiences. Each experience deftly harnessed the power of gamification intertwined with lifestyle incentives.

The outcome was two-fold: not only did the bank successfully onboard over 300,000 fresh customers, but it also orchestrated millions of in-app banking transactions. This triumphant amalgamation of instant gratification and genuinely rewarding incentives played a pivotal role in the bank’s conquest of acquisition, customer growth, and retention endeavors. Download Success Story

Harnessing the Power of MarTech SaaS Tools

MarTech SaaS tools have revolutionized customer engagement. With over 9000 platforms in 2023, these tools offer robust automation, data analytics, and campaign management capabilities that help brands create engaging experiences for their audience.

However, these interactions often halt after the recipient engages with the CTA (Call-To-Action), whether through SMS, Email, or in-app notification. With consumers’ brief 8-second attention span for ads, standing out requires a shift from static to dynamic engagement. In the 2020s, brands must transcend conventional send-and-pray tactics. Enter dynamic engagement: launch > dangle a carrot > nudge customers to act > reward actions > repeat.

To achieve this, integrating new-gen MarTech platforms is crucial. These platforms enable in-campaign gamificationintuitive engagement mechanics, foster co-creation with generative AI and offer sophisticated loyalty protocols. Transitioning is pivotal to propelling customer engagement to new heights and captivating audiences like never before.


As we delve further into the intricacies of the mobile-first consumer mindset, its influence will persist as a commanding factor in shaping the landscape of customer engagement strategies. Among the ranks of industry giants, those who have enthusiastically embraced the realms of game theory, instant gratification, and customer journeys infused with gamification are spearheading the frontlines of innovation, delivering experiences that linger in memory. With these concepts taking center stage, companies not only captivate their audiences but also foster enduring relationships that transcend mere transactional exchanges.

More on this here or feel free hit me up to explore how you can contribute to your brand’s topline through dynamic customer experiences.

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