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This journey fuses gamified engagements, rewards and instant gratification to drive growth

Ravinder Singh, Head of Customer Enablement

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The Rationale

This journey fuses gamified engagements, rewards and instant gratification to drive product cross-selling and user growth

The Benefits

Leverage this approach to experience an increase in app installs through referrals, and generate higher cross-sell revenue

Ideally Suited For

Industry: FMCG
Customer base: > 50k user base
Mobile app: Yes
Existing Loyalty program: Not a must

Key Performance Indicators

App installs through referrals, cross-sell revenue, referrals

Perx-Powered Nudge to Sign-Up for Rewards Program

Shirley purchases a SpotAway product from an online retailer and receives an SMS from SpotAway. The SMS thanks her for the purchase and urges Shirley to sign-up for the SpotAway rewards program


Customer Action: Sign-up on the Microsite

Shirley accesses the Perx-powered SpotAway rewards micro-site and signs-up for an account


Instant Reward for Action

On her first sign-in, Shirley is presented with a SpotAway voucher via the Instant Reward campaign



Customer Action: Complete Onboarding

As a new valued customer, Shirley is presented with a Quest campaign to complete a series of onboarding steps to understand her preferences, and be rewarded



Reward for Game Completion

Shirley completes her onboarding Quest campaign and is rewarded with loyalty points that she can use to collect and redeem vouchers for her next SpotAway purchase


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