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Perx Rolls Out New Product Updates to Elevate User Experience

Perx has introduced a captivating range of product enhancements designed to transform user experience and address the ever-changing demands of consumers. This collection of updates includes enticing lucky draws, enhanced survey features, streamlined customer search capabilities, and a host of other enhancements. Here is a comprehensive rundown of the latest product updates.

Raffle Campaign

The Raffle Campaign presents customers with an exciting opportunity to win attractive prizes by earning raffle tickets through specific actions. Each ticket has a unique code that automatically enters participants into the lucky draw. Winners are randomly selected at the end of the campaign. 

This strategy boosts monetization, activation, and acquisition by motivating customers to take more actions to increase their chances of winning. Future plans include integrating the issuance of raffle tickets through the Perx Rule Builder and other campaign types for a dynamic and engaging experience.

The customer’s journey begins when they encounter the Raffle Campaign and are enticed by the opportunity to win prizes. They actively engage with the brand by completing actions to earn raffle tickets, such as making purchases. 

As their participation increases, so does their affinity for the brand, potentially leading to more purchases and advocacy as they strive to maximize their chances of winning.

Advanced Surveys

Free text responses can be gathered in survey campaigns through the utilization of open-ended surveys. This feature enables campaign managers to create surveys with open-ended questions, gathering valuable insights. It also allows the creation of forms to collect personal information like addresses and spouses’ names. Overall, this campaign tool effectively drives activation and acquisition.

Looking towards future evolutions, there are plans to incorporate Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Effort Score (CES) as built-in templates, along with an NPS dashboard to measure the insights gathered from the survey. Furthermore, users will be automatically segmented based on their survey responses, providing even more targeted and personalized experiences.

Businesses can leverage the open-ended survey feature by gaining insights into customer opinions, preferences, and pain points. This data can be used to refine products, enhance customer service, and develop targeted marketing strategies, ultimately leading to increased consumer loyalty.

Customer Dashboard Search

Enhance the customer search experience by effortlessly locating individuals using their names and phone numbers, eliminating the sole reliance on IDs and adopting a more user-friendly approach. 

In future iterations, expect further improvements such as case-insensitive search, allowing users to find information regardless of letter case, and partial search, enabling the retrieval of results based on incomplete or fragmented input.

Additionally, advanced filtering options based on customer demographics and other attributes will empower users to refine their searches and extract more targeted insights.

Businesses can use the customer search functionality to identify and target specific customer segments based on demographics or attributes. This enables them to create more personalized and targeted campaigns, resulting in higher engagement and conversion rates.

Currency Conversion for Loyalty Program

This update offers a seamless experience for users to convert points between multiple loyalty programs. It efficiently monitors and manages the points assigned to each program, facilitating their effortless conversion to another. 

For instance, imagine a user who has amassed 10,000 points  in a loyalty program offered by a digital bank. They desire to convert these points into cashback rewards that can be redeemed at specific retail stores. Thanks to this latest update, the user can now effortlessly exchange their digital bank loyalty points for tangible cashback benefits, elevating their overall experience.

Variable Points as Rule Outcome

Users can now set variable points as rule outcomes, giving them the flexibility to allocate points based on specific use cases. To utilize this feature, simply select ‘Points’ as the outcome type under ‘Outcome’. Then, choose the desired loyalty program and proceed to select ‘Variable Points’ under ‘Select Points Earn Type’. This enables customization of the exact number of awards and points to be allocated.

For example, users have the flexibility to determine that customers earn 100 points for every $50 spent and 250 points for every $100 spent. By dynamically adjusting the points earned, users can incentivize customers to make bigger purchases, thereby enhancing engagement and nurturing loyalty. Additionally, users will have the option to set a maximum limit on the awarded points. In the future, the possibility of implementing variable points as an outcome may be expanded to other types of campaigns.

RTL Support

The Perx microsite now caters to a wider global audience by providing users with the option to explore it in Right-to-Left (RTL) languages like Arabic, Hebrew, and more.

With this expansion, users opting for RTL languages can experience an immersive journey on the microsite from start to finish. In a potential future evolution, the microsite may expand its capabilities to include support for various fonts in RTL languages.

This series of exciting updates guarantees a smooth and comprehensive user journey, empowering customers with enhanced adaptability, convenience, and personalized engagements throughout. Stay tuned for future enhancements to be rolled out, promising even more advanced features and a seamless user experience.


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