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SINGAPORE, 23 March, 2023 – PODCAST

Playing to Win: How Harnessing Game Theory Can Boost Customer Loyalty

Attracting and retaining customers is an ongoing battle for businesses of all sizes. By incorporating game theory, companies can tailor a delightfully engaging and gratifying experience for their customers, ultimately harvesting unparalleled loyalty and an increased emotional attachment to the brand. During the Protect the Hustle podcast at SaaStock 2022 in Ireland, our Founder & CEO Anna Gong had an insightful discussion with Neel Desai, Director of Product at Paddle, on how businesses can leverage game theory to boost customer loyalty.

Loyalty, Leveled Up: How Game Theory Fuels Customer Loyalty

By tapping into the mechanics of game theory, such as through leaderboards and quests, businesses can create a bespoke experience that fuels customer engagement and inspires loyalty. As customers feel more connected to the brand, this tailored approach can ultimately translate to a stronger relationship. To cultivate customer loyalty, it is crucial to provide instant rewards that are both meaningful and relevant, while also emphasizing financial literacy and wealth savings as a way to build trust and mutual respect with customers beyond just spending incentives.

Watch the video below to hear from Anna as she delves deeper into the importance of utilizing game theory to drive customer loyalty and engagement.

Visit here to listen to the full podcast.


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