Keep customer engaged through gamified micro-experiences

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Motivate customers with rewards for campaign progression

With team-based campaigns, businesses can harness the collective power of social connections and gamification to drive increased user engagement, foster loyalty while unlocking new revenue streams

Shalley Mohta, Customer Engagement Strategist

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The Rationale

By enabling users to team up and complete milestones together, businesses can create a compelling experience that keeps users engaged, encourages them to spend more, and unlocks monetization opportunities through personalized rewards and incentive

The Benefits

Businesses can strategically influence user behavior and actions by leveraging social dynamics and gamification elements. By setting milestones tied to desired user actions such as store check-ins or purchase frequency, businesses can actively shape user behavior, drive increased engagement, and monetize users effectively

Ideally Suited For

Industry: Retail & E-Commerce, Fitness & Wellness, Gaming & Entertainment
Mobile app: Yes

Key Performance Indicators

Conversion rate, Avg. value of targeted actions

Perx Powered Progress Campaign

Lia opens the Progress campaign page where she can play games as a team with her friends Peter and Alena. She notices that they have already completed milestones 1-3


Action 1: Store Check-in

To complete the next milestone on the Progress campaign, Lia checks-in at a physical store and makes a purchase



Instant Gratification

Lia's team is immediately rewarded with campaign points for completing a progression


Reward Points for the Team

Lia's friend Alena completes the next milestone, earning more points for Team Alpha


Reward Points for the Team Again

Lia's friend Peter posts reviews and photos to completes the next milestone, earning more points for the team


Surprise Reward

On reaching the 60,000 points landmark, the team unlocks a surprise reward


Interactive Game Mechanics

To access the reward, Lia is presented with a gamified mechanic. Lia shakes the tree and wins a Starbucks voucher for her team, which she saves for later use


Continued Engagement

Lia checks the progress campaign microsite to keep track of their total points and upcoming milestones



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