Campaign Management

Innovate, experiment, and craft delightful micro-experiences that are sure to impress

Loyalty and Engagement: Reinvented.

From onboarding to launch
in 24 hours

It takes brands 12 to 14 weeks to launch an in-app or cross-channel regional or global digital campaign. Perx reduces the campaign execution time from several weeks to a few minutes

  • Streamline your campaign creation process and cut execution timelines down to a fraction of their previous duration.
  • Improved team efficiency and collaboration through an automated approval process
  • Omni-channel delivery configuration
  • Elaborate customization capabilities to ensure brand consistency

Slice and dice your audience like never before

Segment your audience into meaningful audience personas and launch hyper-personalized, mobile-first, and omnichannel engagements to better influence your customers
  • Segments based on demographics, loyalty tiers, and engagement, with the ability to blacklist or whitelist your audience
  • Seamlessly integrate and import customer segments from your existing MarTech stack
  • Monitor campaign performance in real-time for optimal results.

A refreshing experience with every campaign launch

Combine multiple engagement mechanics + unlimited gamification + 1000s of rewards with rich customer data to generate a brand new experience everytime, everywhere
  • Pick from a variety of engagement mechanics best suited for the customer action you want to drive:
    • Instant reward
    • Referral
    • Progress bar
    • Stamp
    • Quiz
    • Survey
  • Take control of the customer actions you choose to drive with custom campaign triggers
  • Mix & match with multiple game and reward mechanics to significantly amplify the campaign experience

Influence customer actions with the right incentives

Leverage real-time last-mile customer engagement data to identify the right incentive for every customer to increase in-app actions that drive revenue. Experience double-digit customer engagement rates by incorporating gamification in your campaigns.
  • Associate rewards to campaigns
  • Set reward usage limits for rewards
  • Configure individual redemption limits
  • Define and manage redemption period

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