Intelligent Rules Engine

Define anything, customize everything – a robust rules engine that puts your customer engagement initiatives on steroids

Loyalty and Engagement Reinvented.

Effectively influence and trigger customer actions

Perx’s robust rules engine goes beyond the usual stop overs of opens, clicks and likes, and enables you to customize every milestone in you customer’s journey to drive actions that matter

  • Craft engaging journeys creating a chain of rules and transforming customer actions into unique journey milestones
  • Interlink bespoke rewards, loyalty mechanics, and gamified engagements from a single screen to deliver a 360-degree experience to the customer

Automate engagement triggers

Spend more time conceptualizing exciting engagement campaigns, and automate the rest. Trigger automated custom events that span across campaigns, game mechanics, rewards, and loyalty programs
  • Automate processes and app triggers based on loyalty programs, customer actions, rewards, or any other custom events that suit your business needs
  • Redirect more resources on crafting unique engagement experiences, and less on execution

Maximum control to truly influence customers

With the capability to create custom triggers for every stage of the customer journey – from sign-up and sign-in to spend limits, payment methods, reward-related events, campaign milestones, and beyond – you can effectively influence and steer customer behavior to align with your intended goals.
  • Drive any behavior both online and offline with no additional customization
  • Imagine it, implement it – custom triggers across sign-up, sign-in, spend limit, payment method, reward-related event, campaign milestone, and more

No complex logic

Perx’s robust rules engine essentially puts your engagement strategies on steroids. The compounded effect of magnifying micro-experiences at every level drives record results and surpasses any customer expectation
  • Identify the right incentive to nudge each action
  • Weave them into a seamless mobile-first journey
  • Launch the campaign, sit back, relax and watch customers complete the actions you intended to drive in real-time

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