Keep customer engaged through gamified micro-experiences

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Influence customer actions with gamified badges

By leveraging badges as motivational triggers, businesses can create a highly engaging and profitable ecosystem that drives customer loyalty and revenue growth

Shalley Mohta, Customer Engagement Strategist

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The Rationale

By strategically rewarding badges, businesses can incentivize users to take specific actions that align with their monetization goals. Whether it’s encouraging users to make more frequent purchases, refer friends, provide feedback, or engage with promotions

Ideally Suited For

Industry: Banking and Financial Services, Telecom, Retail
Customer base: > 50k customer base
Mobile app: Not Required
Existing Loyalty program: Not a must

The Benefits

Badges create a sense of achievement and recognition, fostering a deeper emotional connection between users and the app. Users are motivated to earn badges, unlock achievements, and progress through various levels, resulting in longer and more frequent interactions with the app. This increased attachment can lead to improved user retention as users strive to maintain their pace, earn more badges, and reap associated benefits, thus increasing the potential for long-term monetization

Key Performance Indicators

User acquisition rate, customer acquisition cost

Customer Action: Checking Profile

Elaine reviews her collected and available badges on the app


Gamified Engagement

Elaine views earned and potential badges



Customer Action: Store Check-in

Elaine remembers to check-in on the app during her weekly shopping trip, which brings her closer to earning
'The Regular' badge


Gamified Badge Reward

After checking in 4 times within a month, Elaine receives 'The Regular' badge from the app



Nudge for Next Action

Elaine receives a push notification encouraging her to bring her own bag and earn the Eco Warrior badge


Customer Action: Employing
Sustainable Practice

Elaine declines plastic bags on her next visit and scans a code at checkout


Instantly Rewarding with a Badge

Elaine instantly earns the Eco Warrior badge which she can share and boast about, on her social media accounts


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