Perx Takes Center Stage at Web Summit Qatar 2024

Amrith G.

SVP, Marketing & Customer Analytics | Mar 07 2024

Perx Technologies ignited excitement at the Web Summit Qatar 2024 last week. Amidst an impressive crowd of 15,000 attendees and over 700 innovative brands, Perx rallied the audience, showcasing its next-gen autonomous loyalty engagement platform.

Day 1: A Roaring kickoff

As Web Summit Qatar 2024 kicked off, the tech world buzzed with excitement, eagerly anticipating insights and innovations that would define the future. Amid this fervor, Perx Technologies distinguished itself, selected as one of only six companies from a staggering pool of over seven hundred to take the stage during the inaugural keynote.

This wasn’t just an opportunity; it was a testament to Perx’s disruptive influence in reshaping loyalty and customer engagement. With an autonomous loyalty framework and the powerful leverage of AI at its core, Anna, Perx’s CEO and Founder, was poised to share a transformative vision that promised to captivate a diverse audience, including notable figures like Trevor Noah, reflecting the broad appeal and significance of Perx’s mission.

Anna’s keynote was a clarion call to action, challenging the entrenched norms of traditional loyalty systems with Perx’s innovative approach that blends behavioral science, game theory, and a potent mix of creative and technological innovations. By advocating for a paradigm shift towards dynamic, real-time engagement strategies, she not only captured the imagination of industry leaders across banking, telecom, and fintech but also underscored Perx’s pivotal role in steering the future of customer engagement.

The presence of Trevor Noah among the audience highlighted the universal relevance of Anna’s message, bridging the gap between technology and mainstream cultural discourse. Through her compelling narrative, Anna positioned Perx not merely as a participant in the global tech summit but as a trailblazer, setting a new standard for loyalty and engagement in an era where customer experience reigns supreme.

Day 2: Exploring the AI Revolution

At the bustling Web Summit Qatar 2024, a melting pot of innovation and future-thinking, Perx Technologies’ CEO, Anna Gong, alongside Christian, another trailblazing founder, dived into the riveting discourse of AI’s role in marketing. Anna eloquently unwrapped the essence of Perx Technologies, positioning it as a disruptor in the customer engagement space.

Her narrative painted a vivid picture of a future where data isn’t just a resource but a cornerstone for crafting new monetization models, thus revolutionizing the traditional loyalty paradigms. Christian, bringing a different angle with Audiomob’s in-game audio advertising, highlighted a less intrusive, more engaging advertising model. Together, they underscored a future where marketing efficiency is exponentially boosted by AI, transforming not only engagement strategies but also the very fabric of marketing’s ROI measurement.

As the discussion deepened, both leaders shared insights into the tangible impacts of AI investments in their operations. Christian’s revelation of a 200%-300% increase in engagement, thanks to AI, underscored the transformative power of technology in marketing. Anna’s introduction of eMind, Perx’s latest innovation, served as a testament to how AI can drive not just predictive but prescriptive analytics, ensuring every campaign yields tangible ROI.

This panel wasn’t just a conversation; it was a beacon for marketers everywhere, signifying a shift towards an era where AI’s blend with human creativity isn’t just an advantage but a necessity. The takeaway was clear: in the ever-evolving landscape of marketing, AI is not just a tool but a catalyst for unprecedented growth, creativity, and efficiency.

Day 3:  The Growth Stage Spotlight

In an empowering narrative of resilience and strategic brilliance, Perx Technologies’ CEO and Founder, Anna Gong, captivated the audience on the concluding day of the Web Summit Qatar 2024 with her session titled “From Brink to Breakthrough: A Six-Month Turnaround to Profitability.” Anna’s recount of steering her company from precarious conditions to a beacon of success underlined not just the challenges faced by startups in turbulent times but also highlighted the power of visionary leadership and agile response to adversity.

Anna’s tale is not just a story of survival but of thriving against the odds. As a solo female founder navigating the high stakes of the global enterprise software market from Singapore, she disrupted traditional models with grit and innovation. Facing the “tech winter,” where investment froze, Anna made bold decisions to ensure Perx’s survival and future prosperity. Through heart-wrenching choices, including bid adieus to key team members and restructuring operations for leaner, more efficient management, Perx navigated through the storm. The narrative took a hopeful turn as investors renewed their faith in Perx, providing the necessary funds and support to guide the company towards its goal of profitability. This journey, marked by perseverance, strategic restructuring, and leveraging AI for operational efficiency, showcases a testament to the indomitable spirit of leadership and the transformative power of technology in overcoming business challenges.


Despite the vast scale of Web Summit Qatar 2024, with its 15,000 attendees and over 700 brands, Perx Technologies made a significant impact. Our participation generated significant brand visibility, sparked valuable connections, and opened doors for exciting collaborations within the burgeoning Middle East tech scene. Perx Technologies is thrilled with the reception and enthusiastic about expanding further into this dynamic region.

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