Unveiling the Future of Loyalty Engagement with Perx Orion

Amrith G.

SVP, Marketing & Customer Analytics | May 31, 2024

Webinar Recap: Unveiling Perx Orion™

On May 30th, Perx unveiled the much-anticipated Perx Orion™, an autonomous loyalty framework designed to revolutionize customer engagement. This webinar provided an in-depth introduction to Perx Orion™ and its groundbreaking features, offering attendees a glimpse into the future of loyalty engagement powered by AI and advanced analytics.

Introduction to Perx Orion™

The webinar kicked-off with a comprehensive introduction to Perx Orion™, highlighting its unique approach to transforming traditional loyalty frameworks. The platform integrates AI, data-driven insights, and creative strategies to deliver personalized and impactful customer experiences. This new framework aims to address the challenges brands face in engaging customers and driving loyalty in today’s fast-paced digital landscape.

Key Features of Perx Orion™

The session delved into the six core features of Perx Orion™, each designed to enhance different aspects of customer engagement and loyalty management:

  1. Impact Dashboard: This feature offers real-time analytics and insights, enabling brands to maximize campaign success, track ROI, and benchmark performance. The dashboard provides a comprehensive view of customer engagement and loyalty, helping brands make data-driven decisions to improve their strategies.
  2. Conversational Insights: Leveraging natural language processing (NLP), this tool allows users to interact with their data using plain language, simplifying data analysis and enhancing decision-making capabilities. This feature makes it easy for users to fetch insights and analytics without needing technical expertise.
  3. Connect+ Expert: Designed as a comprehensive knowledge resource, Connect+ Expert assists users with product questions, feature explanations, and idea generation. It empowers users to achieve product mastery and better adoption through continuous learning and minimal support intervention.
  4. Spark Ideas: This AI-powered tool automates the generation of campaign concepts and contextual details, significantly reducing the time and effort required for campaign planning and execution. Spark Ideas helps brands streamline their campaign creation process and boost operational efficiency
  5. No-Code CX Builder: An interactive tool within the Connect+ platform, the No-Code CX Builder enables users to create customizable in-app experiences and launch microsites with full Perx loyalty engagement functionalities, all without writing a single line of code. This feature empowers users to design and deploy solutions quickly and efficiently.
  6. Perx eMind™: A GenAI-driven analytics and creative copilot, Perx eMind™ offers smart engagement solutions that enhance customer experience and loyalty. This feature provides actionable insights and recommendations, helping brands optimize their engagement strategies and achieve sustainable growth.

Data Security and Privacy

The webinar also addressed concerns about data security and privacy. Perx Technologies assured attendees that the AI-driven insights and recommendations are generated using collective performance data, not personally identifiable information (PII). This approach ensures that customer data remains secure while providing valuable insights to improve engagement and loyalty.

Call to Action

Attendees were encouraged to sign up for the Early Adopters Program, offering 30 days of access to the new features showcased during the webinar. This program allows participants to experience the benefits of Perx Orion™ firsthand and provide feedback to help prioritize future feature launches.

In conclusion, the webinar successfully highlighted the innovative features and benefits of Perx Orion™, demonstrating how it can transform customer loyalty and engagement strategies. The integration of AI, data analytics, and creative solutions positions Perx Orion™ as a game-changer in the loyalty engagement landscape.

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Live Webinar Interactions 

Can the Impact Dashboard be customized based on our individual requirements?

Yes, it can. As a super user, you can slice and dice your data by date, time, and other parameters to suit your needs

Yes, you can set custom date ranges for your reports.

Our benchmarks cover all industries relevant to Perx, including large B2C enterprises such as banking, telecom, large retail, FMCG, insurance, fintechs, and B2C apps. If your industry falls outside these categories, we can source specific benchmarks for you.

Yes, you can break down reports by merchants, audience segments, or even white label Perx to give merchants access to their own performance metrics through their login.

Conversational insights are based on your performance data, presented in an easily understood and visually appealing manner. For predictive insights, accuracy improves with more engagement campaigns. Currently, we observe about 90% accuracy.

ROI and Gross Profits are calculated by assigning a dollar value to customer actions driven by engagements and attributing costs to rewards. This allows you to view real-time revenue, costs, and ROI at the campaign level. You can define your own KPIs.

Yes, you can have ongoing conversations, similar to a threaded discussion, for idea generation or strategy brainstorming, much like interacting with a GPT model but tailored to the loyalty engagement ecosystem.

Absolutely. The model is continuously learning and evolving. The range of conversations and preloaded question suggestions will expand over time.

We do not hold any personally identifiable information (PII). No other customer has access to your data. Each customer operates in their own tenancy. Benchmarks are generated by aggregating anonymized performance data across industries.

We support all languages that OpenAI supports.

Yes, you can save and use your own templates.

Absolutely. You can import your brand elements, color themes, design elements, and pre-build custom templates for future use.

You would need to recreate the site in our builder because it needs to use our widgets, particularly for dynamically loaded data.

We provide pre-created templates for your use, but you can also start with a blank canvas and build from scratch.

Yes, prompts entered by one user can be shared and saved within the organization, creating a repository for future use.

Please contact your sales representative to discuss your requirements.

Yes, you can replace the template with your custom-built app, provided it integrates with our system and uses the required widgets.

No, each answer is unique and customized, similar to ChatGPT prompts, ensuring personalized responses.

Yes, the data on the Impact Dashboard is updated in real-time, ensuring you have the most current insights and metrics.

Yes, our templates can be adapted for mobile app use, allowing you to offer a seamless experience without the need for a custom-built native app.

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