Perx Technologies CEO Anna Gong speaking at Plug and Play Asia Summit

Perx bags #1 spot at the Plug and Play APAC Summit

Meeta Sharma
Contributing Blogger | January 23rd, 2020

Plug and Play is the world’s largest open innovations platform and exists to bring innovative startups and large corporations together around a shared purpose and encourage collaboration. Their efforts are aimed at sustaining a cooperative business ecosystem that thrives on the back the adoption of technological advancements.

At the Plug and Play APAC Fintech Summit 2019, Perx had the opportunity to showcase our award-winning B2B enterprise SaaS product to an audience of 1000+ corporates, top investors, and various government-associated stakeholders. Our CEO, Anna Gong, took the stage and spoke about large enterprises that can tackle disruption at the hands of new-age upstarts by giving consideration to technology-enabled revenue model innovation. You can view her presentation here.

This honour and the validation that comes with it has only reinforced our belief in the product we’ve built and the mission it is committed to – helping you embrace disruption in the most effective way possible. Here at Perx, we’re barely at the halfway point and there’s plenty more that’s coming. If anything, our pace now stands quickened thanks to this second-time-around honour.

Onward and upward.


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