Gamifying the Classroom

Beyond the Classroom: The Gamification Revolution in Education

Unlock the power of gamified elements in driving student engagement and motivation

Gillian Setiawan

MarTech Blogger | Dec 11, 2023

In the dynamic landscape of the education industry, capturing and retaining student attention remains an ongoing challenge. In response to this, an increasingly popular solution has emerged – gamification, a transformative approach that goes beyond traditional boundaries, turning boring learning experiences into interactive and engaging ones.

Take, for example, a study that delved into the experiences of undergraduate students studying engineering, economics, and social sciences. The findings revealed a rather strong correlation between seemingly minor elements, such as badge design, and heightened student motivation to actively participate. This underscores the importance of effective gamification strategies in enhancing student learning processes.

What is Gamification?

Gamification involves integrating games, or game-like elements, into tasks, to encourage user participation. Examples include games like “Shake-the-Tree” or “Spin-the-Wheel”, and elements such as leaderboards, streaks, and progress bars

This strategy is most commonly used in the marketing, education, and retail industries.

Benefits of Gamification in Education

1. Motivates Engagement by Making Learning Fun and Interactive

Gamification can help educators create more exciting and entertaining educational content. It leverages game-like elements, such as rewards, to satisfy and motivate students to participate by playing into natural human psychology.

Overall, by making typically boring experiences fun, gamification tricks the brain into enjoying the learning process, ultimately supercharging student engagement by better capturing and retaining their attention.

Benefits of Gamification in Education

2. Boosts Knowledge Retention by Creating a Natural Addiction to Learning

When we win a game or achieve a goal we have set for ourselves, our brain releases dopamine, also known as the “feel-good” hormone, into our bodies to make us feel pleasure. In education, this natural “high” fosters a cycle of curiosity and the desire to learn more, ultimately boosting knowledge retention.

3. Tailors to Specific Needs by Personalization

A three-year research study in 14 of Hong Kong’s primary and secondary schools revealed that design and customization are pivotal to the effectiveness of gamification in education.

The study categorized game designs into three levels of customization, each offering distinct benefits. Versatile gamification boosted student excitement in larger group settings, gamification platforms enhanced engagement by encouraging healthy competition, and rigid gamification proved most useful in engaging students individually.

In summary, by incorporating a mix of these three designs, educators were able to tailor their gamification tactics to better suit the specific needs of their students.

Benefits of Gamification in Education

4. Guides Learning & Teaching Processes by Offering Real-Time Feedback

Gamification enables students to work towards measurable goals and receive immediate feedback. For example, in an in-class Kahoot quiz, if a student answers a question incorrectly, the gamified system promptly provides the correct answer, guiding their learning process.

Simultaneously, educators can gain valuable insights into student performance, allowing them to adapt their teaching schedules accordingly. 

Using the quiz scenario as an example, if a teacher observes that a significant number of students struggle with a specific question, it serves as a signal to revisit and reinforce that topic, effectively guiding the teaching process.


As we navigate through the gamified realm of education, it becomes clear that personalized approaches enhance student engagement and motivation. The integration of gamification elements opens up new avenues for educators to craft dynamic learning experiences that make education not just a classroom endeavor, but an exciting journey of exploration and growth.

Knowing that education cannot be a one-size-fits-all situation, Perx offers a highly customizable gamification platform that empowers educators to personalize content according to their students’ unique needs. Ready to have more engaged and motivated students? Book a demo today to unlock the power of personalized gamification in your classroom.

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