Does your customer loyalty program need resuscitation?

How to keep your brand loyalty initiative from gasping its last breath

Grace Alexander

MarTech Blogger | April 26, 2022

Brand loyalty may not be dead, but it’s barely clinging to life. Maintaining customer retention and growth is ultimately down to how well your brand manages hygiene when it comes to customer engagement. Being able to engineer the customer journey with seamless transitions from touchpoint to touchpoint combined with meaningful rewards and continual opportunities for further engagement is key.

Traditional loyalty programs are where customer relationships go to die

Many traditional customer loyalty programs in use today are glorified ledgers. They:

Serve as not much more than a records keeper

Customers have advanced beyond being satisfied with mere point-tracking systems. Adding points as they are earned and deducting them as they are spent or redeemed is like logging blood pressure without doing anything about whether it’s low or high.

Aren’t clear about the worth of points to the customer

Lack of transparency about how much points are worth and what they can be spent on or redeemed for is comparable to giving a patient in crisis instructions for care in Latin — it’s unhelpful, to say the least.

Bury rewards and benefits so they aren’t easily accessible

Programs that keep information about rewards and benefits hidden away in an obscure page on their website can be almost pointless. That’s like prescribing medicine but hiding the bottle.

Don’t drive constant customer engagement

Not focusing on constant, continual customer engagement is as helpful as telling a patient to eat light during annual festivities but not bothering to remind them to take their daily medication.

Don’t nudge or track customer actions aside from when a point is earned or spent

Customer loyalty programs that only become active when the customer initiates contact and then goes dead again are similar to a pacemaker that doesn’t kick in until someone turns blue.

Don’t provide additional ways to incentivize the customer

Suppose your loyalty program isn’t coming up with new ways to get your customer motivated about interacting. In that case, you may as well call the time and sign the certificate because the slow death of your relationship has arrived.

Don’t build additional loyalty

Customer loyalty is like a barometer of health. If you aren’t doing regular checkups and making it easy for them to see you on-demand, you might find their loyalty DOA.

Deliver poor results and poor ROI

Not tracking metrics and analyzing the results of your customer loyalty program compares to sending off their samples to the lab and never bothering to follow up. Who wants to wait around forever? By the time you check back, your customers will be gone, gone, gone.

Modern loyalty programs breathe new life into customer interactions

When appropriately designed and implemented well, customer loyalty programs can become the primary driver of your customer engagement, growth, and retention initiatives. A great customer loyalty program will:

Build a tribe of loyal customers

The constant attention and care you show will create a strong relationship between you and your customers — and they’ll reciprocate with word-of-mouth accolades, resulting in holistic referral marketing.

Continually set customers up for yet another touchpoint

When you do repeated follow-ups that provide gratification and brand value realization, customers become more likely than ever to be receptive to your recommendations and advice. It’s almost like going to a doctor that treats you like a family member.

Build highly active customer journeys

Making your customer’s journey feel more like one long-lasting interaction instead of isolated events is how you become a necessary part of their everyday lives. So make sure you’re delivering an ongoing experience studded with actions and rewards to engage them further and keep the brand/customer relationship in good health.

Present personalized experiences

A patient who realizes that their doctor never learns their name quickly finds a new provider. Making sure your customer loyalty program makes every member feel special with tailored experiences and customized rewards will encourage them to make and keep regular appointments with your brand.

Clearly present the “why” of belonging to your program

The customer only turns to an “urgent care” version of a loyalty program when they hope to get some fast help. That initial reward for signing up can be a much-needed shot in the arm, but don’t forget to hand out the brochures that explain your point worth, benefits, and rewards to drive repeated customer actions.

Engage customers on a level that impacts their lifestyle

Patients who aren’t invested in their health tend to eat better and walk around the block for a few days after a doctor visit, then give up. You need a program that sets a reminder to keep walking daily, suggests healthy recipes, and offers a free meditation suggestion they can access at bedtime every night.

Perx transforms customer loyalty programs into lifestyle augmenting tools

Are your customer relationships clutching their chests and gasping for air? You need help, stat. Don’t sit by and monitor the situation while it bleeds out on the floor. Instead, take steps to proactively address the bond between brand and customer and extend its lifespan for years to come.

The Perx Loyalty and Engagement Platform (LMP) changes how your customer loyalty program impacts customers. With Perx Platform, You can:

  • Power customer interactions with constant opportunities.
  • Increase customer retention by providing an ongoing journey.
  • Enhance customer engagement by tracking customers and leveraging extra opportunities.
  • Improve customer loyalty with highly personalized experiences.
  • Maximize referral marketing opportunities by turning customers into brand ambassadors.
  • Reduce your customer acquisition cost and maximize lifetime value (LTV).

It’s time to invest in a customer loyalty program with endless potential for personalization and the capability to develop endless customer journeys packed with actions, rewards and enjoyment. Perx helps you turn your brand loyalty system into lifestyle augmentation tools that keep customers active, engaged, and constantly watching for the next opportunity to play, win, save or be surprised with your next communication or offering.

Are you ready to do more than put a bandaid on your customer relationships? Request a free demo today.

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