Encourage users to team up with friends and achieve milestones

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Encourage users to team up with friends and achieve milestones

With our interactive progress campaign and team-invite feature, Perx empowers businesses to acquire new users, activate participation, and foster a sense of camaraderie among customers

Shalley Mohta, Customer Engagement Strategist

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The Rationale

By introducing a team-based approach, businesses can tap into the intrinsic motivation of individuals to collaborate and work together towards a common goal. Such collaborative campaigns provide an opportunity to reactivate dormant users by reigniting their interest through a collective experience and shared goals

The Benefits

The team-invite feature allows users to invite their friends to join the campaign, enabling businesses to tap into the social networks of their existing user base. The campaign also serves as an effective activation mechanism for new or dormant users, providing them with a clear path to achieve milestones and unlock rewards

Ideally Suited For

Industry: Retail and E-Commerce, Financial Services, Telecom, Fitness & Wellness
Mobile app: Yes
Existing Loyalty program: Not a must

Key Performance Indicators

Number of new users, Activation rate, Avg. no. of interactions per user

Perx Powered Team Invite

Lia is invited by Alena to join the Windside retail app and team up for game-based prize-winning


ACTION 1: Download and Account Setup

Lia is attracted by the incentive and downloads the app, completing her account setup



Instant Reward for Referrer and Referee

As a reward, both Lia and Alena receive a discount coupon


Perx Powered Progress Campaign

Lia navigates to the Progress campaign page, where she teams up with Peter and Alena for games


ACTION 2: Transact

To progress further in the campaign, Lia makes a cart checkout of $100 or more



Rewarding Customer Action

The team is awarded campaign points upon reaching each milestone


Points added to team

The points earned add to the team's total, unlocking new milestones and potential gifts


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