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This interactive journey synergizes gamification and personalization to engage customers

Elia Wagner, CX Architect

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The Rationale

This interactive journey synergizes gamification and personalization to engage customers like Sarah from the beginning. It increases the chances of successful acquisition and activation while driving organic growth through referrals and social sharing.

The Benefits

Supercharge your business’s ability to acquire, activate, engage, retain, and monetize customers, ultimately leading to increased success.

Ideally Suited For

Industry: Telecom, Banking, Large-Retail
Customer base: > 50k customer base
Mobile app: Yes
Existing Loyalty program: Not a must

Key Performance Indicators

Customer acquisition, customer engagement, customer retention

Perx-Powered Referral Message

Sarah receives a personalized invitation from a friend, highlighting the benefits and rewards of joining Prospera Bank


Download & Sign-Up

Sarah creates an account with Prospera Bank, beginning her journey towards a seamless and innovative banking experience. The code is seamlessly auto-populated from her unique link


KYC Verification

Sarah verifies her identity through Prospera Bank's secure, efficient and streamlined KYC process



Gamified Engagements

Sarah is then introduced to a series of interactive missions designed to engage and familiarize her with the bank's offerings and to complete the first few revenue generating activities


Customer Action: Personal Interest Survey

After the KYC, Sarah is asked to share her personal interests, allowing Prospera Bank to provide tailored banking experiences


Reward for Sharing Preferences

Sarah is congratulated for successfully completing all missions, emphasizing her progress and achievements, and is presented with her reward



Rewards & Badge Collection

Sarah unlocks her referral reward and collects a shareable badge, celebrating her accomplishments and promoting social engagement and virality


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