Obtain valuable first-party data with instant rewards

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Obtain valuable first-party data with instant rewards

At Perx, we revolutionize customer engagement by empowering brands to unlock the power of data-driven personalization

Amrith G, SVP | Marketing & Customer Analytics

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The Rationale

Incentivizing users to share their preferences and utilizing that data for personalized targeted offers and subscriptions creates a win-win situation for both brands and customers. By gathering detailed insights into customer preferences, brands can tailor their offerings to align with individual needs and desires, enhancing the overall customer experience which fosters stronger brand-consumer connections

The Benefits

Delivering personalized offers and subscriptions based on individual preferences allows brands to provide customers with relevant, timely, and tailored experiences. This increases customer satisfaction and engagement, as users feel understood and valued by the brand. This also allows/enables brands to allocate resources more effectively

Ideally Suited For

Industry: Telecom, Travel & Hospitality, Media & Entertainment, Financial Services
Customer base: >100k users
Mobile app: Not Required

Key Performance Indicators

Conversion rate, customer acquisition cost, incremental revenue, attribution analysis

Incentive-led First-Party Data Collection

Peter sees a Facebook ad requesting him to answer a few questions in exchange for an instant reward


ACTION 1: Perx Powered Survey

Enticed by the reward, Peter completes the survey, answering preferential and behavioral questions


Instant Gratification

Upon submitting the survey, Peter instantly receives an SMS with a unique link to access his reward


Perx Powered New Customer Acquisition

A Facebook ad is served to Peter, with a personalized offer based on his preferential data captured in the survey. The personalized offer lures him to sign up for the app


ACTION 2: Download and Install

Motivated by the tailored offering, Peter downloads the app and signs up for an account


ACTION 3: Phone Number Verification

Peter is prompted by an instant reward campaign to verify his contact details



Instantly Rewarding Customer Action

Upon verification, Peter is presented an instant reward for completing the action


Activate Customer Through Gamification

To encourage Peter to transact often, a quest-based campaign carrying multiple actions and rewards is launched from the Perx platform


ACTION 4: Transact

Peter completes the first action in the quest series - A prepaid mobile phone top-up through the app



Instantly Rewarding Customer Action

Peter is instantly rewarded with loyalty points for completing his first milestone


Milestone Completed

Peter is excited about being rewarded instantly for the action he completes. Peter is all set to complete his next milestone


Success With Another Peter

Insights from the survey are leveraged to target and engage thousands more with tailored messaging and relevant content


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