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Personalize to Better Attract, Engage, and Inspire Customers

Gillian CX Consultant

Allowing customers to pick their own tasks motivates them to engage with the brand more regularly. As we customize experiences to fit their individual preferences, customers are more likely to see their chosen missions to completion.

Gillian Setiawan, CX Consultant

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The Rationale

Personalization creates a sense of relevance that allows for customers to feel more understood and valued. In a world inundated with a plethora of information and choices, personalization cuts through the noise, building stronger emotional bonds between firms and its customers.

The Benefits

By tailoring experiences to each customer’s individual interests, businesses can significantly enhance customer engagement and satisfaction. This, in turn, fosters their loyalty and trust, ultimately leading to brand advocacy and increased sales and revenue.

Ideally Suited For

Industry: Fashion, Retail, E-Commerce
Mobile app: Yes
Existing Loyalty program: Not a must
Drive Multi-Actions: Yes

Key Performance Indicators

Heightened User Acquisition, Customer Engagement, and Brand Awareness

Perx-Powered Social Media Ad

Ellie stumbles upon an exciting rewards-led Instagram ad inviting her to embark on an intriguing ESG adventure. This prompts her to click on the link to learn more


Action 1: Learning More & Downloading App

Upon clicking the ad, Ellie is taken to StyleHive’s website where she sees more information regarding the ESG Adventure. There, Ellie becomes interested in the challenge and clicks on the link to download the StyleHive app


Perx-Powered Nudge for Next Customer Action

As Ellie downloads the app, she receives a text notification encouraging her to start her ESG Adventure process to earn her first reward



Action 2: App Engagement

Intrigued by the offer, Ellie interacts with the app. She reads StyleHive’s ESG blogs, digests their infographics, and takes their sustainability interests questionnaire to help her decide which tasks she would like to do for her customized ESG Adventure


Action 3: Earning ESG Points

Ellie chooses her daily tasks and starts completing her sustainable shopping missions. She collects StyleHive ESG points as she completes each task



Gratification for Customer Action

Upon reaching her first ESG point milestone, Ellie unlocks an exclusive reward. With this, she is motivated to continue her ESG Adventure journey


Action 4: Purchase

Keen on using her reward, Ellie goes online to make her first StyleHive purchase


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