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Reward Users for Completing

Revenue-Boosting Actions

Optimize customer acquisition to its fullest potential by harnessing the transformative

Dharsh Kannan, Marketing Executive

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The Rationale

Optimize customer acquisition to its fullest potential by harnessing the transformative power of gamification and personalization. Captivate users with tailor-made incentives that drive them to accomplish crucial tasks, ultimately driving monetization.

The Benefits

By leveraging gamification and personalization, businesses can enhance the effectiveness of customer acquisition strategies, leading to increased monetization opportunities and overall business growth.

Ideally Suited For

Industry: Fitness, Health & Wellness
Customer base: > 50k user base
Mobile app: Yes
Existing Loyalty program: Not a must
Drive multi-actions: Yes

Key Performance Indicators

Supercharge customer acquisition
Drive customer behavior
Increase monetization

User Search

Rishi is interested in joining a new gym and searches for the best fitness facilities in his area


In-market Audience Targeting

As Rishi is actively looking for a gym, he comes across a Perx-Powered targeted advertisement from FitZone that offers a one-week trial membership in exchange for answering a quick survey


Customer Action 1: Survey Completion

Intrigued by the free fitness assessment, Rishi decides to complete the survey, providing details about his fitness goals, exercise preferences, and current fitness level


Instant Reward for Customer Action

Upon completing the survey, Rishi receives an SMS from FitZone containing a link to claim his reward, which is a complimentary one-week trial membership


Personalized Offer Presented to User

FitZone pleasantly surprises Rishi with a scratch card reward after he claims his free trial. Upon scratching it, he uncovers a special offer for a discounted monthly membership. Impressed with the customer experience, Jason signs up for a monthly membership.



Nudge for Starting Fitness Journey

After Rishi completes his registration, he receives an SMS from FitZone encouraging him to start his fitness journey by booking his first personal training session at a discounted rate


Customer Action 2: First Personal Training Session

Motivated by the discounted rate and the personalized guidance, Rishi books his first personal training session at FitZone


Instant Gratification through Gamified Reward Experience

After the transaction, Rishi receives an SMS notification with a link to a gamified reward experience through a spin-the-wheel game. He spins the wheel and saves the reward in his digital wallet



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