Autonomous Loyalty

Power intricate loyalty programs and build deep emotional connections with your customers.

Loyalty and Engagement Reinvented.

Intuitive loyalty management

Bring your loyalty program to life through dynamic earn & burn rules, sophisticated multi-tier mechanics, and seamless exchange of points between programs and truly increase your brand’s following

  • Automating processes through a one-time setup can help you reduce costs and improve efficiency.
  • Configure points, stamps, or cashback-based loyalty programs
  • Easily manage multiple loyalty programs, single or tiered
  • Set-up eligibility criteria based on audience and promote/demote users between loyalty tiers
Intuitive loyalty management

Trigger events and
wow customers

Resurrect your loyalty program by defining custom rules to trigger events that translate into meaningful experiences, building true customer relationships
Trigger events and wow customers
  • Define custom earn and burn rules across triggers, multiple loyalty programs, and enable unique outcomes
  • Empower customers to convert points into currency/rewards, and promote social gifting with family and friends
  • Fortify trust by surprising and delighting customers for special events, birthdays, anniversaries, and more

Create integrated experiences

Pack your loyalty program with gamified, incentivized campaigns that continuously engage your customers with hyper-personalized rewards
  • Setup omnichannel conditions for earning and burning of points
  • Enable points redemption across channels including POS
  • Associate rewards and campaigns, along with exciting gamification capabilities
Create integrated experiences

Manage loyalty program points liability

Leverage real-time analytics and the powerful rules engine to avoid loyalty debt by optimizing points issuance, conversion, and redemption
Manage loyalty program points liability
  • Manage loyalty P&L using real-time data and make impactful business decisions
  • Set up periodic review cycles for tier qualification and points expiry
  • Exchange points with partners in closed-loop; API access for points redemption

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