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RING and Perx partner to revolutionize India’s mobile-first consumer financing experience

  • RING to leverage Perx for driving financial inclusion across the community
  • Perx Loyalty and Engagement Platform to deploy intelligent loyalty engagement solution to strengthen RING’s in-app customer experience strategy

RING, the consumer-first digital payment app (part of the ONEMi Technology group which launched Kissht), serving over 5 million customers with speedy and hassle-free credit solutions, is reimagining the way consumers in India interact with digital payments and microfinancing in the post-pandemic era.


The modern digital payments and microfinancing ecosystem is designed to address the everyday needs of the consumer. However, there is still a big void when it comes to supporting an individual’s business idea or lifestyle demands. The RING – Perx partnership will address this void by deploying an advanced engagement toolkit to facilitate consumer lifestyle aspirations responsibly. With a diverse array of rewarding experiences, gamified milestones and a personalized loyalty program that delights customers for their every action, the Perx loyalty engagement platform will support RING in achieving its growth objectives. Increasing in-app transactions, amplifying acquisition initiatives, improving customer retention and faster campaign turnarounds are some of the key performance indicators RING aims to drive.


At the core of this partnership lies the goal to drive maximum customer lifetime value through a dynamic and rewarding loyalty program, mobile customer journeys studded with instant gratification and gamification allowing the financial app to nudge and influence positive customer behavior with purpose and for social good.


The millennial audience that we seek to serve is known for their digital savviness and need for instant gratification. In an era where customer loyalty is diminishing, we aim to create an ecosystem that allows a user to maximise value and keep coming back for more. While our business ethos is to enable the community collectively and responsibly, our partnership with Perx aims to address the fun and continuously enhance our consumer engagement strategy. We believe creative and meaningful in-app engagements will not only drive RING’s growth but also delight every single consumer our services touch. Retaining customers and encouraging them to stay engaged through consistent rewards and incentives is essential for increasing customer loyalty and lifetime value.” said Karan Mehta, Co-Founder & CTO, RING.


“In the experience economy, creative content and business model innovation are keys to a business’s competitive differentiation. Combining Perx’s leading loyalty engagement platform with tried, tested and relevant business use cases will help brands transform and fuel their customer-brand health and business objectives. We are excited to drive home these meaningful engagements for the millions who interact with RING, making customer journeys delightful and meaningful, encouraging customers to come back for more.”  said Anna Gong, Founder and CEO, Perx Technologies.


RING-Perx partnership aims to enhance the overall customer experience on the app which will be critical for RING’s business goals to build a robust customer base. The loyalty program and gratification will be rolled out in a phased manner over the next 6 months. Perx forays into the Indian market with this partnership as RING is their first client in India.

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About Perx Technologies

The Perx Lifestyle Marketing SaaS Platform helps large enterprises and digital native businesses transform from transient and transactional brands to delivering continuous and meaningful B2B2X engagements and relationships in the mobile-first economy. The API-first platform enables businesses to focus on use cases and creative engagements across a brand’s disparate marketing technology stack in a matter of minutes.


About RING

RING, a consumer-first, digital card and payments app launched by Kissht comes with the flexibility to make both online and offline payments. It is a unified and seamless platform to meet Indian consumers’ credit and payment needs. Customers can use the RING to pay for ecommerce transaction, pay to merchant, pay to self, and pay to friend. Customers can avail a line of credit for up to INR 30,000 and pay for all expenses in one billing cycle at 0% interest. The company aims to become the leading card issuer for millennial customers in India. RING also has over 1 lakh+ merchants that help them in acquiring customers at the lowest cost. The company is also building loyalty and rewards for the consumers to improve customer stickiness.


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