Smart Loyalty Management System

In an industry with the 2nd highest customer churn rate globally, how can Telcos stay ahead of the game?

Key Objectives of a Telco

Improve customer retention

Cross-sell & upsell services to increase ARPU

Build a seamless multi-touch-point customer experience

Engage a sophisticated & demanding customer base

Telco Challenge 1

Siloed Customer Data

Departmental silos and lack of centralised data-tracking solutions result in impersonal customer experiences.

Telco Challenge 2

High Customer Churn

Mobile number portability has dropped the entry barriers for competition to poach telco customers.

Telco Challenge 3

Eroding ARPU

VOIP and messaging apps have eroded Voice and SMS revenues.

Telco Challenge 4

Legacy CX Mechanics

Impersonal bulk offers, spray and pray SMS & email campaigns result in poor marketing ROI.

Our Solution

With Perx, a top telco successfully drove millions in new revenue by achieving the following:


customer interactions
per day


personalized campaigns
in 90 days


reward redemptions
per day

Our Customers

Drive revenue generating customer actions across
millions of your customers

Rapid Go-To-Market

Rapid Deployment in 2 Weeks

Seamless Integration

Campaign Setup & Execution Speed

Boost Engagement

Customer Engagement Rate
Increase in Customer Response Rates


Consumers Engaged & Growing
Average Response Time

Case Studies

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